Morning, Sunshine

"Ta-aylor! Wake u-up!" Ingrid sang from my doorway. I took my pillow out from under me and held it down on top of my head to try and drown out her freakish hyperness.

"Urfenghkurlinim…” I was proud of myself for managing to get that much out with how tired I was. I almost got back to sleep and was just drifting into la-la-land when:

"I said wake up!"

I screamed as my sister pushed me off of my bed. Ingrid just laughed. Yeah, that's real sisterly love, folks. "Come on. It's the first day of summer," I groaned from the floor as I weakly tried pulling myself back to my bed. I got about a half of a foot before I decided it was too much of an effort.

"Exactly!" Ingrid kicked the air mattress I had been sleeping on out of my reach before pulling my blanket off of me. "You can't want to waste your summer lying around! Get up and do something!"

"I'll kick your butt later, okay? I'm gonna sleep first!" I decided to give up on ever reaching the mattress and rolled over on my side with my pillow tucked firmly under my head in case she tried to take that away from me, too.

Ingrid sighed, walked over to the doorway of my closet of a room, and flipped on the light switch.

"Ahh!," I screamed as the light hit me full force, "It burns!"

"I'm sure holy water burns you, too," Good I had finally gotten her a little ticked off, "But I made breakfast downstairs with pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and sausage so you are getting your fat butt up, coming downstairs, and eating within five minutes or I will personally drag you down." I tried making a foul hand gesture at her but my energy failed me once again. "Good, I'll be downstairs timing you."

"Ouch," I murmered as she slammed the door. It actually hurt to hear loud noises early in the morning. I thought about her threat and groaned when I realized she was completely serious. I pushed myself off of the ground and started to drag myself downstairs. My laptop beckoned me from my writing corner but I figured I couldn't stand another death without food in my stomach.

I'll just have cereal: that'll teach her, I thought to myself spitefully.

The End

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