The Chronicles of The Black Fire SlayersMature


The Event

            It was a slow day at the high school, but then again, it always was.  The substitute teacher hadn't been given any instructions on want to do, so she had just gone to the library and picked up the first movie she could find.  It was a movie about the mating habits of sea horses, not very relevant to world history, but it was a movie.  If anyone had been paying attention they would have realized it was actually an interesting movie, but of course, nobody was; most were either sleeping or writing in their notebooks.  Cameron, on the other hand, was wide awake, and staring out the window, watching the cars and people go about their daily lives.  He'd seen it every day for the past several weeks, but it still interested him.  He was about 6’ even,

            "What the hell is that?" he said to himself, straining his eyes to try and see.  It looked like a wall of fire, taller and wider than the eye could see. 

            "Hey, Molly, wake up." Cameron nudged his best friend Molly, who was snoring quietly in the desk next to him. 

            "Huh, what?  What's happening?" Molly woke up with a start, looking at Cameron with inquisitive eyes, "Oh, it's just you.  Don't you know I need my beauty sleep?  It's the only way I can be so fucking amazing." Molly put her head back down on the desk and closed her eyes. 

            "You can be fucking amazing without beauty sleep Molly, now seriously, look at that," He pointed at the wall of fire in the distance, "What does that look like to you?  Does it look like a wall of fire to you?"

            "What're you talking abou-yeah, actually, it does; that's really weird; what do you think it could be?" Asked Molly, straining her eyes to see it. 

            "Honestly, I have no idea."

            "Well, if it was really a wall of fire don't you think there'd be alarms going off or something?"

            "Well, it looks like it's moving, honestly; maybe it's moving too fast for them to be able to warn anyone."

            "Yeah, I guess that might be-Oh my God everybody get down!" Molly screamed suddenly, as the wall of fire rushed the building, quickly consuming it, and everything inside.  The blast knocked Cameron down, he stretched his arms out as he fell, and then everything went black. 

            When he came to, he was looking up at the sky.  He wondered where he was, and how it was that he could see the sky, when he'd just been on the third floor.  As his head cleared, he finally noticed something was wrong with the sky.  It was red.  Blood red, with clouds of fire here and there, and flashes of lightening. 

            "Where the hell am I?" Cameron said as he sat up.  He looked around and saw figures walking around in the rubble of what had once been a three story school.  He rubbed his eyes and realized they were people, students, teachers, principals, and people who lived in the houses nearby.  They were all dirty, with torn shirts and rubble pasted to their bodies; many had wounds on their bodies, caked in blood. 

            "Oh my God, Cameron, are you ok?" Asked a voice from behind him. 

            He stood up and turned around, "Who is that?" He asked, bewilderedly looking for the source of the voice.  He gasped with surprise as arms wrapped around him, and looked to see Molly with tears in her eyes. 

            "I'm fine Molly, are you ok?" He pulled her away from him and looked at her.  Her long black hair was a complete mess, and her hoodie torn almost to shreds.  There was blood slowly seeping from her head, soaking into her hair. 

            "Oh, that looks bad, here, let me look at it." He said, brushing her hair away from the wound.  He pulled a pocket knife out, then took off his shirt and cut it into strips.  He spit on a strip and used it to wash the wound, then wrapped the rest of them around her head. 

            "Thanks Cameron, it never ceases to amaze me how many things you can do that I never knew about." She hugged him tightly, and then grabbed his hand.  "Come on; let's go check on the other people."

            They slowly climbed over the rubble, making their way towards what had once been the main entrance.  Part of the staircase was still there, but the rest was completely gone.  A man in a police uniform was helping people patch themselves up, and a paramedic was tending to the ones too hurt to stand. 

            "Officer, what the hell happened," asked Cameron, helping Molly to sit down on a stone, "the last thing I remember was staring out the window in class, and then, nothing."

            "Honestly son, I have absolutely no idea.  I remember I was writing a ticket for an illegally parked car, and then I was knocked to the ground, and woke up here," he held his hand out to Cameron, "I'm officer Dunkel, by the way, but you can just call me Dunkel.  And you are?"

            "Cameron, Cameron Brown.  Nice to meet you, I suppose." He said, shaking Dunkel's hand.  "I remember now, I saw something out the window of my classroom, it looked like a giant wall of fire.  And, I remember that it came over the school, and then knocked me to the ground.  I guess I hit my head because I blacked out and woke up here.  I'm think it might have been a terrorist attack, what do you think?"

            "Well, what you described sounds like a bomb, and one hell of a big one too, possible even nuclear.  But, that doesn't really explain that." He pointed to the sky.  "I've seen a lot of things in my 57 years of life, but I've never once seen anything like this."

            "You have a good point; no device I know of could cause damage like this.  After a nuclear explosion there are effects on the sky, raining ash, blacked sky, that sort of thing, but this?  I've never heard of anything that could do something like this."

            "You sure do seem to know a lot, especially for a high school student."

            "I do a lot of independent research, I suppose you could call it, and I have a really good memory.  So, have you hear-what the hell?" Cameron stopped as rain started falling all around them.  The fact it was raining didn't really bother Cameron, but there was something about this rain that caught his eye.  This rain was red.  Dark red.  A red he knew all too well.  He stuck his tongue out and caught a few drops on his tongue.  He instantly spit it out, it tasted like iron. 

            "Oh my God; is this what I think it is?" Officer Dunkel gasped as the rain started to hit him. 

            "It's blood, definitely.  But, this is impossible.  It can't be raining blood, even if there was enough of it just sitting out in the open, blood is too dense, it can't evaporate like water.  Where the fuck are we?"

            "I honestly have no idea.  I know this is going to sound strange, but; I don't think we're on Earth.  At least, not the Earth that we know."

            "What do you mean?"

            "Look around.  Look at this rubble, at all the rubble around us.  This isn't new.  This rubble is old.  Very old."

            Cameron looked down at the rubble for the first time, and noticed there was moss on it.  He bent and picked up a rock without any vegetation on it, and ran his fingers along the side.  It was worn, obviously weathered down by years of wind and water erosion. 

            "None of this makes any sense.  I was just here.  It couldn't have been more than a couple hours since I was knocked out, but this kind of erosion; it takes a long time.  Hundreds of years, at the least.  This; this is impossible.  I don't understand; none of this can be happening.  I-I feel lightheaded, I need to sit down."

            Cameron sat down on a mossy rock, sighing heavily and running his fingers through his hair.  Suddenly, there was loud, piercing shriek.  Cameron jumped up instantly, and officer Dunkel quickly pulled out his gun. 

            "What in the hell was that?"

            "I don't know, but it didn't sound human."

            "Some kind of animal, maybe?" Asked Dunkel, his voice sounded hopeful, but his eyes were full of fear. 

            "I've never heard any animal like that, and I'm guessing you haven't either.  Listen, I know a lot about science, but I also know how to fight.  I realize I'm just a teenager, but given the circumstances, I think you should trust me."

            "I know what you're getting at, and I completely agree, so here." Dunkel bent down and pulled up his pant leg, revealing a .44 caliber pistol.  As he bent down to pull it out of the holster, a dark shape swooped down and grabbed Molly, carrying her up into the sky, beyond where they could see. 

            "Oh my God, Molly!"

            "What the fuck was that!?"

            "Give me that fucking gun now and get to cover!" He spun around to face the people sitting around him, "Everybody, get to cover, now!" Cameron screamed at them, grabbing the gun from Dunkel and dropping to one knee behind a large rock. 

            "I got 12 o'clock, Cameron, you cover my six."

            Cameron pressed his back to the rock and pointed his gun up at the sky, looking for any sign of whatever had grabbed Molly.  For a few seconds, it was deathly silent; the only sound the heavy breathing of Dunkel.  A loud scream pierced the silence, and a shape came falling from the sky straight for Cameron.  He pointed his gun at the figure and was about to pull the trigger when he realized what it was. 

            "Hold your fire, Dunkel, dear God, its Molly." Cameron looked in horror as his best friends body hurtled through the air, straight for Cameron.  There was a loud, sickening crunch as her body slammed into the ground.  Cameron scrambled for her, but before he could reach her, a figured slammed into the ground between them.  It hit the ground in a kneeling position, and slowly stood up.  Its skin, if it could be called that, was pure black, blacker than the blackest of starless nights.  It stood at least 8 feet tall, and had three pairs of wings, one covering its feet, another it's face, and the third to fly with.  Cameron briefly remembered hearing a description of this creature somewhere, but couldn't quite place it. 

            The creature's face was covered by its wings, so Cameron assumed it couldn't see him, so he slowly rose, planning to sneak around it to Molly.  The second he stood up, however, the creature uncovered its face, revealing eyes red as blood, with no pupils.  Cameron stopped in his steps as he locked eyes with the creature, which slowly opened its mouth to reveal three rows of razor sharp teeth, each with two canine teeth that were longer than the others.  It had hands like a man's, but six fingers, each with long sharp claws for fingernails. 

            All of the blood rushed from Cameron's face the creature revealed these features.  He tried to scream, but all that he could manage was a sort of whimper in the back of his throat.  The creature lunged at him, and Cameron closed his eyes, knowing that there was nothing he could do to stop it from devouring him.  At the last moment, Dunkel came out of nowhere and tackled the creature, not knocking it to the ground, but diverting its attention long enough for Cameron to get away.  Dunkel quickly jumped behind the creature, and emptied his entire clip into the back of its head.  The creature shrieked, and flew into the air, disappearing from sight. 

            "I swear, I'm getting entirely too old for this.  I was hoping to retire early, but I doubt there's even a police station anymore," he chuckled, "Well, I think that we scared that thi-" He stopped in mid-sentence, and Cameron turned around to see what happened.  The creature stood there bending over Dunkel, its fangs clamped firmly in Dunkel's neck, as it drained the blood from his body.  Cameron yelled at the creature and fired off two quick rounds into its side.  It released Dunkel from its grip, and he crumpled to the floor dead. 

            The creature now turned his attention fully to Cameron, who was slowly backing away, firing round after round into the creature's chest.  It lunged at him, and he quickly rolled out of the way, but not fast enough as one of its claws slashed across his face, piercing his skin to the bone.  Cameron emptied his clip as he dodged another lung, and then looked around for something else to fight it with, as the gun obviously wasn't working.  Before he could find anything the creature lunged again, this time too quickly for Cameron to dodge, and pinned him to the ground.  Cameron punched the creature repeatedly, but it simply shrugged the blows off as it twisted his head back and moved in to bite his neck.  Just as its fangs broke the skin, Cameron grabbed a splintered wood and thrust it into the creature's heart.  The creature drew back its head and let out a shriek of pain, giving Cameron enough time to hit the stake with all his might, forcing it through the creature's heart and out its back.  It let out one final shriek of pain, and then slumped over, dead. 

            Cameron slowly crawled out from under the dead carcass, and crawled over to wear Molly's broken body lay, impaled on a piece of wood sticking up from the rubble. 

            "Took you long enough," Molly coughed, blood flowing out her mouth.  "I could've taken him, though."

            "I'm sure you could've," Cameron laughed, choking back tears, "After all, you're fucking amazing."

            "That's right; I'm fucking amazing." Molly smiled weakly, tears in her eyes. 

            "It doesn't look too bad, you know, I think that I can save you." Cameron said weakly, silently hoping it was true. 

            "You can't save everyone, Cameron," said Molly weakly, "No matter how hard you try."

            "But I can save you.  I know I can do it," Cameron sobbed, "I have to save you; you can't leave me, please."

            "It's ok, Cameron, I promise; it's ok." Molly reached up her hand put it behind his head. "Don't worry, Cammie; it'll be ok." She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him.  "You taste like cherries;" she said weakly, "I always thought you would taste good..." She smiled and closed her eyes. 

            "Molly?  Oh God, no, Molly," Cameron shook her shoulder, "Molly wake up!  Please wake up, you can't do this to me, you can't leave me, I need you, I love you, god damn it, you can't fucking leave me!"

            Molly weakly opened her eyes, and looked into his.  "I know, Cameron; I've always known.  I wish we had more time, but we don't.  Just know that I love you too." She smiled for the last time, and closed her eyes.  "Oh," she gasped, "It's so beautiful." She sighed her final breathe, and died in Cameron's arms. 

            Cameron held her to him and sobbed.  Time seemed to stop as he remembered all of the good times they had, all of the laughter they'd shared, the late night phone calls when one was depressed, sneaking out when they wanted to get drunk, and all the times they'd cried together. 

            Cameron's memories were broke when he heard a loud growl behind him.  He looked up and turned around to see Dunkel's bloody, broken body slowly rising from the ground.  His pupils disappeared from his eyes and were replaced by blood red orbs.  He opened his mouth, revealing two long, razor sharp fangs where his canine teeth should have been.  He screamed and started running for Cameron.  Cameron broke off the top of the stake that had impaled Molly and thrust it into Dunkel's heart.  Dunkel gasped, and then slumped to the ground. 

            Cameron pulled the stake out of Dunkel, and then turned to Molly.  He looked at her neck, seeing three rows of bite marks on her neck.  With a solemn look, he knelt down and thrust the stake through Molly's heart. 

            Cameron stood up, and made his way through the rubble to the nearest house.  Most of it was gone, but part of the garage still stood.  He searched the garage, and finally found a container of gasoline and a lighter.  He carried them back to the wreckage of the school, and emptied the gasoline onto Molly and Dunkel's bodies.  He knelt beside Molly and kissed her forehead, whispering I love you into her ear.  He poured the gasoline on them, and walked away as their bodies began to burn. 

            He saw Dunkel's police car and slowly made his way towards it.  Pulling his sleeve down so as not to cut his arm, he broke the window and unlocked the door.  He climbed inside and grabbed the shotgun sitting between the seats, and opened the glove compartment to reveal a large collection of shells, as well as nine millimeter and .44 caliber bullets.  He took these and put them in his pocket, then pulled the handle on the floor board and popped open the trunk.  In the trunk was a bullet proof vest, along with a couple more boxes of shells, a nine millimeter pistol, and several gun holsters.  He put on the vest and holsters, and shoved the boxes into his pockets.  He slung the shotgun over his back, and placed his .44 caliber and nine millimeter into the holsters. 

            He went back to the garage where he had gotten the gasoline, and searched the shelves for anything else of use.  He finally found a large stainless steel machete with a sheath, and a Katana and scabbard shoved in a box in the back, along with a crossbow and bolts.  He tied both blades to his hips, and slung the cross bow over his back, tying the bolt holder to his left leg.  He grabbed two flashlights, a lighter, and a box of matches, too. 

            As he left the garage, he noticed a pair of keys and a helmet hanging up.  He looked outside and saw a black motorcycle sitting in the drive way, with a can of gas sitting next to it.  Someone was probably about to leave when the fire hit.  He put on the helmet, filled the tank, and turned the key.  It took some time, but eventually the engine finally turned over, and the bike roared to life. 

            He rode out of the drive way, then got on the highway and started making his East.  The red sky was slowly turning black, and the air was getting colder as night approached.  "Where have the stars gone, I wonder?"

The End

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