The Witch's Revenge!

Outside, in the courtyard, Snow White wandered drunkenly to the stables. “Oooh! Pretty ponies!” she exclaimed with a squeal and staggered closer.

“They are, aren’t they?” said the Stable Boy, proudly. Snow White surveyed him with a mild suspicion. Next thing she knew, they were talking and falling in love. After that, she was so drunk that everything was a hazy blur.

The next day she woke, holding on to the Stable Boy on the back of one of the pretty ponies. They were happily riding into the sunrise, to a better place.

Back to the party the previous night and the Two Ugly Sisters made a pact that none of them would marry the Prince because it would only come between them. They left with the remaining Leprechauns soon after.

The next morning, the Prince sat in the middle of the dance floor, totally miserable. What will he do now? There was no one left. He has no bride, no friends, no Stable Boy, and now, no dragon. The Wicked Witch came last night and battled it to the death. She claimed she did it to either win back her heart or win his. He was furious and stated that the only thing she won by murdering his baby dragon was exile. She flew off on her broomstick, never to be seen again, or so he thought bitterly. She had loved him and tried to prove it and now he has sent her away. Bride number Two: gone. He closed his eyes and meditated. Maybe the answer will come to him.

The End

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