The Poor Leprechaun!

Oonss, oonss, oonss...The Great Hall of Soopacalaklanty Castle echoed with techno as the six guests stood around the edges of the dancefloor, watching, appalled, at the Prince's dancing. Snow White went to refill her plastic cup with punch again. The Two Ugly Sisters sat down on the floor, falling over eachother and bickering about the Prince. Leprechaun number Two and Three exchanged a look and shook their heads as Leprechaun number One walked out onto the floor. The Prince ignored him and let the music flow through him. He had made up his mind who of these he was going to marry. He danced in the other direction to spot her. And stopped. He signaled to his servants to stop the music. The music faded and everyone could hear again. "Where's Snow White?" he asked frantically. Leprechaun number One signaled for the music to start up again. "Who cares?!" he said, pulling the Prince into his arms. The Prince disgusted called the gaurds and they escorted the Gay Leprechaun out of the Great Hall. "Yuck," said the Prince, brushing himself off. He turned his attention to the matter at hand: Where was his future bride gone?

What happened to Snow White? Will the Happy Leprechaun ever find true love?

Tune in next time for...THE CHRONICLES OF SOOPACALALAND!!!!!

The End

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