Prince Mopsy of the Periwinkle Clan to the Rescue!

Meanwhile, east of SoopacalaboptyTown, in Soopacalaflopsy Woods, there was a very angry bunny. Yes, even in the peaceful woods of bunnies, unicorns, Banbis and other various happy creatures, there was chaos and turmoil. This particular young adult bunny was Prince Mopsy of the Periwinkle Clan. This Clan was very powerful as it ruled over all the animals of Soopacalaflopsy Woods.
His father, King Snowy Periwinkle, had been kidnapped and tortured by the Big Bad Wolf fromSoopacalaboogityForest!

Prince Mopsy was tired of being a frightened little bunny and went to the elves that lived deep within the Woods and demanded them to make him a weapon of destruction. The elves were a peaceful folk and didn’t understand what he wanted. How could they make a weapon of destruction when they had never used or even seen a weapon before?

Prince Mopsy wandered through the Woods anxious to find someone to help him rescue his father and punish the Big Bad Wolf.

Word soon spread through the whole of Soopacalaland of the poor little bunny’s story of desperation. The tale was told and retold so many times that it was though that the bunny was only a defenceless baby sending the whole of Soopacalaflopsy Woods to war against the large pack of Big Bad Wolves that took and tortured the whole Periwinkle Clan! The news soon reached Little Red Riding Hood. She cackled with glee as now she knows where to find the Big Bad Wolf. He had ruined her life from the moment he tricked her in Soopacalaflospy Woods, where her grandmother lived, seven year ago. The Big Bad Wolf had killed her parents and grandmother and she wants revenge! Little Red Riding Hood wrote a letter to Goldilocks, her sister, to inform her of the news and sent out at once to defeat the Big Bad Wolf in Soopacalaflopsy Woods! 

Will Prince Mopsy ever see his father King Snowy ever again? Will Little Red Riding Hood find the Big Bad Wolf and kill him? Will her sister, Goldilocks, come to her aid in time?

The End

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