The Chronicles of Soopacalaland!!

This is a very silly story I started a while back, but I never finished it (I must have run out of energy drinks + sugar + chocolate + lots and lots of CHEESE!!) It is a silly/gruesome/dirty take on fairy tale characters living in Soopacalaland.

Once upon a time, in a far-away land called Soopacalaland, was a nice peaceful town. This town was the capital for all faiytale characters and its name was Soopacalaboppty Town.

We find this town in not a very peaceful state as dark and terrible times settle in. The King and Queen had died. Their son, the Prince, was very sad and lonely. To add to his problems the law states that a prince must find and rescue (if necessary) a princess (or anyone his heart desires) in order to become a King. The Prince decided to throw a party and invite all those suited as a wife. He sat down that night and planned who to invit to the party. The next morning he posted invitations to the Two Ugly Sisters, and Snow White and the Three Leprechauns.They were very surprised and excited. Everyone was happy.

The only person not very happy was the Wicked Witch who lived in the Haunted Mansion on the edge of Soopacalaboogity Forest to the west of Soopacalaboppty Town. She had lost something and was looking all over Soopacalaland for it. She had her suspisions that it was stolen and she wanted it back. Now some Wicked Witches were heartless and cruel, but this one once had a heart and now it has been stolen on her! By the Prince!!

The Wicked Witch was very angry and went to Soopacalaklanty Castle, where the party was being held. The Prince is not going to get away with this!

Will the Prince ever find a bride among that lot? Will the Wicked Witch ever get her heart back? Tune in next time for...THE CHRONICLES OF SOOPACALALAND!!! Tune in next time for...THE CHRONICLES OF SOOPACALALAND!!!

The End

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