Apr 27

Apr 27th:
sNICK (facebook status update)
"Diana didnt have all of the required docs to stay for the summer, so they sent her back over to the US.  It would have been ok if it was a couple of weeks, but thats hindsight, and what we get for being honest!!  Its nobody's fault but stoopid customs/immigration laws, and the arrogant n ignorant border patrol puppy trying to shine his new badge! I asked for his supervisor, but he was even more ignorant! I hope you're all happy! Great job!! Canada is so much more safer now because of you!

Now that Diana is on the Canadian Immigration shyte-list,  we will have to be extra prepared and organized for the next attempt. They even threatened to ban Diana from ever entering Canada again, if she got it wrong the next time too! Really!!?? Is this what we are protecting our borders from?  from LoVe!!?? Wow, maybe Canada has enough incredibly happy couples already?

For now, Diana is on her way back to Missouri. It will certainly be a very long drive for her. I know for me driving back, still breathing in her perfume that lingered on my clothes, i'd glance over to the empty seat beside me and realize that my love of loves wasnt coming home with me.

We're going to drop this story for now; Diana & I will need some time to collect ourselves, and our thoughts. I know I'm crushed and deflated, and i could tell Diana was too. To add to the utter disappointment, Diana and I emptied ourselves both financially and emotionally for over 2 months to make this journey. Now, we will have to start all over again, and it will take some time before we're ready for another try. But, we'll do what we need to do to fulfill our destiny; and in time, we will try again."

We did at least get to meet & be with each other finally, even if only for an hour. And, we got in a lot of hugs n kisses too, which was great! Now, we at least know without question, that what we have and feel is real- as well as a nice pic of us as a keepsake.

Sabby: we should get this bs on the news... call it True Love Held Hostage By Canadian Customs..
Michelle N: ya there aint no customs f**kers in fairytales dammit
KoFy: *cryyyyyying* nooooooooooooo!


The End

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