Apr 26 (Cont'd)

Apr 26th: (Cont'd)

Jake: K, since I'm at the falls waiting, I guess I could share a quick update... I'm at the falls, waiting!! lol. Diana's very near, won't be long now!
Jake: WooHoo!! We're now on opposite sides of the bride!!! Bfn!! :-D
Mandi: Woohoo does happy dance u take good care of my dana mr snickers u hear me or this lil mama gunna kick ur butt n I wanna see u guys here this summer no excuses cuz I can't travel :0
April: keep us updated


att - Jake: Since Diana was on her way across the bridge now, I drove back to the private parking lot and popped my trunk. Soon, I'll see Dana pull up to the gate in her cab, stop for a few minutes, then drive up into the parking lot to meet me. The wait did seem like forever, but then... there she was!!! My phone rings, it's Diana, telling me she's 'pulling up to the booth now,  see you in a few minutes!'

Now I could see her cab at the gates! Wow! It's all about to happen right now! I'm wondering if she'll dive outta the van doors onto me! O.o lol. I know she's excited, I could hear it in her voice on the phone... nervous too! But, here we go!!

I watched from the side of my car as the cab pulled away from the gate, and then it  turned into the Border Agency parking lot off to the side? I'm thinking, "Um, why are you turning in there sweetness? I'm up here!".  Diana called quickly and said they want to see her in immigration.

Hearing the tone in her voice, this wasn't good! I closed the trunk and got back into the car. Looking down on the building, I wasn't able to see Diana inside. I thought, 'Diana's going to be sitting there for a while, I'm not going to sit up here while my love is down there alone!' So I drove out of the lot and up the hill into town, and made my way back down the USA entry road and pulled up to the Border Agency building.

While walking past the large glass widows in front of the building, I could see the back of who I was sure was my sweetness!! Diana couldn't see me, her eyes were fixed on the front counter. But yep! There she is! I was so happy that we were within sight of each other - finally! I was even tempted to tap on the window and wave! But I thought, "Nah! We've gotta meet eye to eye for the first sight!"


~Canada Border Services Agency~

Permission to Enter Canada:



Jake: Sorry friends, have good news n bad news... good news: we finally got to see each other... bad news: Canadian fn customs wouldn't let Diana thru! We're both going back in opposite directions now... bye my love, we'll try again asap! Our pic is in our album (trying to look 'happy'). I'll be offline for a while, Tc ev1, sorry it wasn't a happy ending!
Lynn: Omg are you serious??!!!! They wont let her in?!!!!!
KoFy: wait... what? customs? F**KERS!
Sabby: They wouldnt fn let her.thru...stupid frz
Michelle N: wtf why? f**kers!
KoFy: so what the hell are they holding her for??? how long? OOMMGG NUTS!
Mandi: Dammit let my diana through :(

The End

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