Apr 26

Apr 26th:
Jake (facebook status update) 5:30am

**Msg from Diana** 4:00am
Hi my love! Your tired gurl has made it 20 minutes outside of cleaveland!!!!
Im almost home now baby!!!!! I love you!!!
Going to sleep then back as soon as im up!! Cu tomorrow!
Jake: WoW! My GurL made up some miles last night! :-D
Since it's only been just over an hour since Diana's msg, and she's asleep, I'll let her rest! I'm sure Diana will post on her own behalf once she wakes!
In the meantime, I'll get myself ready here, cuz...
Today's THE day! :-D
The day that Diana & I finally see each other face to face, for the 1st time!
18 long, but great months since we met by chance on CF... We Will Be!
Today *The Journey* comes to its conclusion, and everything we've known becomes a reality!!
The suspense will soon be over!! :-D
Jake: *RING RING* "This is the front desk with your wake up call"
Jake: Hmm... my sweetness must be really tired! I'm getting anxious with anxiety! Ive been up since 5am waiting for that 'Magic Message'! Wakey wakey my love, time to LIVE those dreams!! :-D
Jake: Yaay!! Diana's awake now!! :-) Now to figure out the WHEN!!
Sabby: Oh let us know... i want pix of Niagra... n with both of u together there... IM.SO EXCITED IM GONNA.BURST
April: So does this make me cupid? Lmao
Jake: We're going to take this day for ourselves, but the next time we post here, we will both be home n settled in!
Thx ev1 for your comments! Keep posting if u like, we'll read them when we're back. Tc! :-D
*Music video to Diana, one from our fave movies, and fitting for this moment!
Mandi: awhhhs yay
Sabby: IT TOOK U LONG ENOUGH...ok can i burst now?


att - Jake: Diana and I made our arrangements in private to meet about 8pm at the Rainbow Bridge. It was time that we took this final day to ourselves. I was at the Canadian side of the bridge gates by 7:45, and found a small side lot looking down on the traffic coming through the gates.  I thought it was the perfect place to wait for my sweetness... until a Border Agent tapped on my window and said otherwise.

Knowing I had an hour at least before Diana was going to arrive at my side of the bridge, I drove in town for a drink n refresher at the Subway up the hill. I sat and slowly drank my pop while waiting for my next update from Diana...


The End

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