Apr 25

Apr 25th:
Jake (facebook status update) 1030am
"Diana is on her way now!! ...
*The Journey* has officially started!!
I know she's a lil nervous, but super excited too! (so am I, of course!). :-D
Now, as the miles continue to grow,
away from the life she used to know,
the distance between Diana and I
grows shorter n shorter to our new life...

Thank you to everyone who has cheered Diana on :-D
It's made it even more fun for her to share it with her friends here!
Remem! She's driving!! so go easy on the txt msgs! I want Diana here safe n sound!
*I'll post all future updates to this post when i can, until we're home."

Jake: While im waiting for Diana to reach her 1st check point on the way, i will get busy on finishing things up here! Will let you know, when i do! :-)
Lynn: It is so exciting seeing two beautiful people come together. I wish you both all the happiness in the world!!
Kathy: All I ask is that you love her! Hugs
Jake: Thank you Lynn! :-) I will do no less Kathy!
Sabby: ...GO DIANA GO GET UR MAN... Jake u better love her or else.. (dont ask, havent gotten that far in my threat yet) ..but it has me comin to Canada...
Jake: lol Sabby! There is no doubt that i do, and will!!

**Msg from Diana**
First rest stop in illinois!
I will post as often as possible love! I dont have a car charger so im trying to keep my battery full!
On my way ...home to you!
Jake: Yaay! My GurL is well on her way!! :-D

**Msg from Diana** 7:00pm
The trip has been great so far! Gonna be at sistas in the hour!
Its taking forever!!! Lol!

**Msg from Diana** 930pm
Hi baby!! Im having a great time with sis and john! Did you see our pic? Lol!! I love you!

**Msg from Diana** 10:00pm
Hi babe! Leaving sis now! That was great!!
Im planning to go as far tonight as possible so i know an exact time for us to meet!! Im so excited!! Tomorrow i will see the sun set with you!
Id like to go a few more hours! I dont wanna sit! I wanna get there! Lol! I cant wait for this to be over! Babe, i just wanna drive until im ready to stop!

**Msg from Diana** 10:30pm
It was so wonderful hugging sis!! Lol!! Im so happy baby!!!!!!!! i have another 7 hours or so to drive to the border. I plan to drive 2 hrs or so and stop. That would put me 5 hours from the Border when i start out in the morning.
Jake: It will take me about 4 hrs to get to the bridge, so it will likely work out that we will both wake up n leave at the same time to meet at the border! :-D We dont know when yet, her phones almost out, so we'll have to wait til she's at the hotel to charge it before we can conclude the time. Glad to know Diana is really enjoying The Journey! Thx MJ n John for keeping that smile going!! (send me pics!!) plz!
*Will update our meeting time in about 4 hrs!

The End

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