Apr 24

Apr 24th:

Diana (facebook status update)
"Last night here, tomorrow the journey begins!!! I love you all! Cu vsoon Baby!"

Kimberly: What a thrill to be following your story! Drive safe and may an angel be on your shoulder all the way to your rainbow :)
Jake: Thank you very much Kimberly! We're happy to share with those who care! *My Angel will be looking me in the eyes in only 2 days!! 0.0 Cu you there Sweetness!
Jw: so you're driving all the way to Canada
Jake: We're meeting at the border Jw. Diana will leave the rental car there, then cross the Rainbow Bridge, where i will be waiting for her on the other side... then we will both head Home together from there! :-D
Sara: So happy for you two
Jake: Thank you Sara! :-D
Diana: Thank you all for your support! Either Jake or I will be keeping everyone updated on my journey! Tomorrow, the journey may end but the storys just beginning!
Jake: I'll do what i can while i have the extra day in front of the PC, once i leave to meet Diana: tomorrow tho, updates may likely go quiet for a while!

The End

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