Apr 21-23

Apr 21st:
Diana (facebook status update)
"Saturday...packing day!!! Yaaayyy!!! Time to get this done so i can be on my way by wednesday morning!!"

Cheryl: where u going sweetie? <3
Diana: moving to canada wednesday.
Laz: ...don't forget to pack your paperwork sis;)
Diana: i have a fanny pack for that! lmao!
Jake: <<--- :-D
Laz: lmao...
MJ: Sis I think you may need a suitcase for all the paperwork you have. A Fanny pack won't be big enough
Diana: lmao sis!! Im like Dora, my fanny pack holds all i need, ever!!!!
Jake: By the sounds of things, it think i better get out my 'Magic' marker!!!


Apr 23th:
Diana (facebook status updates)
"Its Monday, time to get my rental car and pack up!!! Two days left and counting!!
~ Got my car!!! Ready? yep! set? You bet! All thats left is to gooooo!!!!!"

April: yay sis
Diana: Thanks sis!! Im VERY excited!!!
April: i bet u r
Sondra: Get in that car and haul butt!!! Be carefull BFF! Hope it's a great journey!! We know it will be a better life!
Diana: thank you BFF!!! huggies!!!!!!!!
Jake: Thanks Sondra!! :-D
Jessica: Faith is putting all your eggs in God's basket, then counting your blessings before they hatch. - Ramona C. Carroll
Jessica: Good Luck!!! I know you will be very missed here...but very happy there I am sure!! :-) Travel safe and keep in touch! XOXOXO
MJ: Can't wait to see you sista...I also want to see a pic of you two together at last. I'm so happy for the both of you
Diana: :)
Jake: Thanks MJ, Diana can hug u for me n shake Johns hand too! :-D Dont keep 'er up too too late eh! o.0 :p
MJ: No worries Jake I won't
Diana: Yaaaaay!! Gonna see my sista and bro john!!!! Such dear friends, my strongest supporters!!! I luv you guys!!!!!
MJ: Can't wait sis :D
Jake: Prob goes without sayin, but.... Dont forget to take some pics!! :-D
Diana: Hey sis...im still moms favorite!!! Lmao!!!! You heard my excitement on the phone yesterday, well you cant imagine it today!!!
MJ: Lmao sis I'm still mom's prettiest :p imagine what your excitement will be like once you are in his arms sis...you may have to find a deserted spot on the way home to do your paperwork...lol
Jake: lmao MJ, anxiety may have to give way to comfort and privacy! I think the paperwork can wait a coupla hours longer... maybe!? 0.o
MJ: Lol Jake maybe being the key word...o.O
Jake: lol, yep! But Fireworks are illegal in Canada on non-holiday's... NoT the kinda handcuffing i had in mind!!! @.@
MJ: Lmao
Diana: Sooo not commenting!!! Lol!!
Kathy: I love ya both! Hug each other for me too!
MJ: we will

The End

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