Apr 20

Apr 20th:

Diana (facebook status update)
"Last Friday living in the States!! Going to finish my packing this weekend and come Monday, get my car!!! Its about DAMN TIME!!!!!"

MJ: Here here sista it is about damn time
April: love ya sis!!! glad ur finally making ur dream come true
Jake:  <<---- ALL smiles!!! :-D
April: congrats 2 the both of u. always make every second count! xoxox
Jake: Thx April!! :-)
Diana: Thank you to everyone who has stood by my side throughout this. All of it means a lot to me!
Jake: to me too! thx everyone!
Andy: good luck my friend
Diana: Thanks Andy!!
Jake: Thx Andy!

Jake - It's Friday night! And, as Diana said, it's the "Last Friday living in the States!" for her. There's a few more things that Diana needs to do and wait for before she leaves, but otherwise, she is all set and ready to go!
We have pretty much concluded our plans now, and know how Diana is going to proceed with her journey.

The Journey, in brief, is planned to go as follows:
* Diana will rent a car on Monday. On Wednesday morning, and over the course of about 2 days, she will drive herself up to the US/Canada border. After dropping off the rental car, she will then take a cab across the bridge.
* About 3 hours before Diana expects to be at the border, I will drive down to meet her on the Canadian side. After we've met, fallen to pieces, then collected ourselves; we will drive back to our house.
Nice and simple!

But, we do have many things planned between us along her journey, and we will keep our friends and family updated as best as we can on our facebook pages.
Most of the specifics about the journey though will have to wait until we're both safely home, and settled in.
This way, we can gather our experiences from the comfort of our home, and share them in a more detailed and chronological order later.

Since we've both been waiting well over a year to finally be together, it should go without saying that we'll have a fair amount of 'catching up' to do! So, it may likely take a few weeks before the story is put together.

The End

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