Apr 17-18

Apr 17th:
Diana (facebook status update)
"Penny for your thoughts" continued...

Jake: Diana suggested a great travel option to me yesterday; Why not rent a car!!?? Bring herself up to the border in it, leave the car there, then cross the Rainbow Bridge, where i will be waiting for her on the other side!! :-D i LoViT!!!
Souchtka: Omg how romantic!!!!! Luv it! Lol nick wud b the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow bridge lol...
Jake: Thx Souchtka, i thot so too!! And lmao btw, it would be more like me standing at the end of the Rainbow bridge for MY pot of gold! (but a clever analogy no less!) :-)
Souchtka: Oooooh I like that even better. U better have like a small gold trinket 4 her. Women LUV jewerly!
Diana: Lmao Souchtka!!! Hes all i need waiting on the other side. Silver and gold cannot compare to the treasure i have found there in his heart! I would happily cross Rainbow Bridge to meet him on the other side! :D
Jake: Thats my GurL!! :-) i love your love sweetness, and i love loving you!
Diana: Always and Forever! XOX


Apr 18th:
Jake - I cant let this day go by without noting that today is Diana's Birthday! It didnt work out that we could be together for this one, but we're only off by 5 days, so it's not as though we'll completely miss it. Still, it's her 40th birthday, and for most people it's a significant milestone! Usually, it's an age of reflection. A time when you look back on  your life, and assess how well it's turned out so far.

I really wanted to be with Diana to share in this '1st Birthday of The Rest of Our Lives Together'. With all that's happened in our lives together over the last year and a half, the things we missed out on and couldn't do simply because of the shear distance apart;  I'd hoped we would have been together on this particular day. 

Still, we will make the most of it, as we always have with every day since we met. It will be a Happy Birthday for Diana! I know she will look at this day as the beginning of a new decade with a fresh start on life; a future full of so much unconditional love, respect, dignity, and adoration.

** Happy Birthday Sweetness! **

I love you, and will see you very soon!

The End

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