Apr 10-13

Apr 10th:
Jake (facebook status update)
"Only 2 WEEKENDS remaining, and this will all become a REALITY!!"

Diana: Lol!! Ready Jake?
Jake: i think so!! Cant wait much longer either way! ... but i will!!! :-)
Kathy: So delighted for you two!!! : ) Folks are quick to share the "horror" stories of online meetings...they brush off the good ones. I, for one, am so grateful to be witness to one of the good ones !
Diana: Aw!! Ty aitesa!!!! Im glad you can share with us too!!
Jake: Thank you very much kathy, that is sweet to hear! :-D


Apr 13th:
Jake (facebook status Countdown)
"10 DAYS LEFT!!! OMG!!"

Diana: Cu soon Baby!!!! XOX
Jake: NINE.... :-)
Jake: EIGHT.... !!!
Diana: Yipeeeee!!! Lol!! (but who's counting!!!)
Jake: SEVEN!!! Last week to go!! :-D
Diana: Woot woooot!!!!
Jake: SIX days left now! Not sure which i feel more, anxious or nervous!? Either way, i'm more excited to see my love than anything!!
Diana: No reason to be nervous!! Hehehe! Yeah right...who am i kidding?!! Im a nervous wreck!!!!
Jake: lol sweetness! Its a good thing i like Butterflies, cuz they're everywhere!!! O.O
Diana: :D
Jake: FIVE days til my love comes my way! I can now count them on 1 hand!! :-D
Diana: Yipeeeee!!!!
Jake: FOUR days left!! (k, maybe 5, but hopefully 4) Its really starting to sink in now! @.@
Diana:  Lmao!!
Jake: THREE!!! WoW!! maybe I should go start the car now?? 0.o
Diana: Get Grease Lightning ready to go 'cuz Sandy's gonna be ready for Danny at the Falls!!!! Lol!!!
Jake: Grease Lightning is all fixed n ready to go Sandy!!!
Jake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK63eUyk-iM&feature=fvwrel *Grease - Greased Lightning* video.
Jake: Well, since we now know the 'FINAL departure plans', I guess I should reset the countdown til Diana is actually leaving...
T minus FOUR days!!!?
Jake: Only THREE days left til Diana begins her Journey to Canada, where I will be waiting for her on the other side!!
Diana: Monday, i get the car, tuesday, i say my goodbyes, wednesday, i'm heading north!!!
Jake: Yep, it's Monday!!!! TWO days to go!!! WoW!!
Like cresting the top of an enormous roller coaster for the 1st time, the long slow wait is about to end, and the thrills of the ride are about to hit us full speed!
Nervous? YES!! Anxious? OH YEAH!! Excited? ABSOLUTELY!!
Worried? HELL NO!!
We've both studied and checked out this 'Ride of a Lifetime' meticulously for a long, long time!
We know we're ready for this, we are fully prepared, and are looking forward to all that it will bring! :-D
Diana: Thats right my love... u jump, i jump!! Im ALL IN, so take my hand...its time!!!
Lizaida: awe i freakin love u guys so much and im so happy for you both. :) may god bless u guys always and keep you both as happy in years to come as you are now.
Jake: lol, thanks Liz!! We are looking forward to every day that will come our way!! :-D
Jake: ONE DAY LEFT!! @.@
Thats it!! This is the last day for us to count being apart!
Tomorrow morning, Diana will hop into her car and head out on her Journey!
A day later, we will begin to count the days we've been together!!! :-D

The End

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