Apr 7

Apr 7th:
Diana (facebook status update)
"I woke up today with a fresh look on life. No longer looking at what life is today but instead, thinking more about life in my near future. Im stepping from one world to another very soon! This is all very exciting...a time I won't ever forget."

"A penny for your thoughts? I have three options of travel to Canada...
1) Plane, 2) Train, or 3) Bus.
If you had a choice, which would you pick as the best way and why! Vote 1, 2, or 3! Thanks!!!"

Jake: Am i allowed to vote? 0.o As much as i hate flying, it would be the quickest route, so i'm going to be partial to the plane! :-) Trains are CQQL tho, relaxing n watching the scenery along the way; Buses are muggy, uncomfortable, and very long!
Diana: Lol! Yep, your thought counts! Why doesnt your answer surprise me? Lol!!
Jake: cuz it gets you here sooner!
MJ: Plane would be fastest but train would be cooler
Diana: I agree sis!!
Ranae: plane
Lynn: #2 that would be an awesome experience
Jw: Train
Jake: DANG!!! im losing big time here!!!
Ranae: Plane so that you can get there faster, we can finally see a relationship that works, and so that Jake will finally stop driving us crazy with his anticipation :D lol
Diana: Lmfao Ranae!!!!!
Jake: lmfao2 Ranae!! (i knew u liked me!!) I didnt realize that my 'busting at the seams' was so obvious tho!?
Ranae: lol I am just so happy for you both
Diana: Thank you Ranae! We are both very happy!
Amber: Ohhh a train sounds fun! Planes are scary to me lol. << not much help.
Jake: I'll admit i will be worried if Dana took a plane, but a woman traveling alone overnight on a train isnt any more soothing! *I'd go get you myself sweetness n join you in your Journey (at least I'd be in full control of your safety), but they won't let me back in if i leave.... so that won't help!!! :-)
Diana: Aw baby! I will be ok!!
Christine: Train...its an adventure. Take pics, document your journey, and enjoy.
Diana: Thanks mom!! Mwahs!!
Jake: Im glad my GurL is out with her bros having 'One last night out!' It's important! Have fun my love n get home safe! To your Brothers: Keep her safe til she gets here, and i'll bring her back happier than you've ever known her!
TVitley: #1 just because I have never flown before lol
Marie: A train sis hugz from LadyH
Diana: Woot!! Another train vote!! Lol!! Hugs sis!!
Souchtka: Option 1. Get there already n experience the inevitable. U both r beautiful ppl. The anticipation is obvious n overwhelming. Now is the time.2 finally enjoy each other. I waited 20 years n me n mine have alot of regret of missing out on so much we cudda had with each other. Dont do that 2 urselves. Go.... And enjoy each other already. B4 he turns blue!
Jake: lol Souchtka! Too late! Im blue from head to toe already, LQQk!! But thx tho!! :-D
Souchtka: Sumbody get him sum ice!
Diana: i got it covered!! lol!
Sara: I vote plane. Planes are great.
Diana: I'm torn over the two...a train would be fun, seeing the country on my way out, but...a plane would end this wait quickly!! we've waited a long time already!! thanks everyone for the input!! mwahzzz!!

The End

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