Apr 4-6

Apr 4th:

Jake - *1st Contact* - Today Diana made a personal call to my parents house while I was there visiting them.
Intending to talk to my mom, she got my dad though, but had a chance to say a quick hello. When my mom returned home, Diana called back. It sounded like they had a nice chat! Now the ice is broken at least, and my mom said she sounded like a nice gurl too, so that's great!
I think it was very courteous of Diana to call in advance of her arrival, it may not have been all that necessary, but it at least shows that she's considerate of them!


Apr 6th:

Diana (facebook status update)
"Great news! I will be buying my ticket on or about April 22nd.
The funds that will provide plenty will be here by then!! YaaaY!!!!!
I'm gonna miss my friends and family but its time to go."

MJ: Woohoo sista!!!!
Diana: I gave a date! :)
MJ: Its about damn time lmao!!!!
Diana: Hey!! I didnt wanna let my baby down by giving one! I wanted to be sure!
Sara: Where you going?
Diana: Canada!
MJ: I know sis...still happy you finally setting a date
Diana: The butterflies are unreal sis!!!
MJ: Lmao ...it will be just fine sis
Diana: They woke me at 4am!!!
Jw: lol congrats
Diana: Ty jw!! Lol! Im gonna be a hot mess until i get this done!!
Jake: Yaaay! *how do i look!!!?? 0.o
Diana: Lol!! You look perfect to me!!
Jake: then i guess im ready too! :-D
Diana: I hope so!!
Jake: was going to correct that last comment... i KNOW im ready!!
Diana: Great minds!! Was thinking to change it too!! I KNOW im ready!!

The End

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