Mar 19-31

Mar 19th:

Jake - I start working on the kitchen & my sons room this week. Need to scrape, sand, patch, sand again, then prime the walls. I have to paint my sons ceiling too! It's splashed in florescent pink, and for an 11 y.o boy,  it's gotta go!

Mar 24th:

Jake - Finished my sons room! Yaaay!! It's the ONLY room that's completely finished! It turned out nice too! I did a faux dark blue & white marble pattern on 2 walls, and the other 2 were more of a faded blue velvet look. I punched up his walls, doors, and window by doing a flat white banding around them...  Back to finishing the kitchen now!

Diana (facebook status update)
"So many new changes ahead. A new life in a new country in a new house with the love of my life! I've asked myself many this just a dream? just to realize that no, this is very real. The time has come to follow my heart and to pave the path for my future. I hope Canada is ready, 'cause here I come!"


Mar 27th:

Jake - While I was offline I've patched n painted the Dining room, Bedroom, Fire room, my son's room (which looks CQQL!!), and the kitchen! Working on the Living room now! (Don't worry Diana, there will probably still be some painting left for you!) :-D

I can now say though that I'm finally settled into our new place! Just had the net hooked up, so now I'm making my rounds online & catching up!


Mar 31st:

Jake - The kitchen is finished now, and so is the living room! All that's really left is to go around all of the trim in the entire house with a gloss white. I got a lot done in the 1st month on our new place, and now our home is ready for Diana's arrival. The 2 bathrooms haven't been touched yet, neither has the spare room, and the kitchen is a solid flat white for now. But, I'm going to leave those 4 rooms til Diana's here, so she can put her own personal touch on them. Plus, it'll give us a chance to work on them together, which i know will be fun for both of us!

It's been a long wait, for both of us. 17 months is a very long time to be in a virtual relationship! Had we lived a lot closer, or had our passports & money in order, i know we would have met already. We've already tried a few times, only to realize that it wasn't going to happen at that time. But now everything is in order, and now we will finally bring our 2 lives together.

Although the wait has been the worst part of our relationship, it's also been the best! We have done nothing but talk and talk for hours on end,  day after day, this whole time. You can't help but get to know a person intellectually when the physical element is removed. That's the great part. It provides such clarity to learn about someone from the inside out, and quite frankly, i believe it's the best way!

We know each other so intimately now, on a level i doubt most know their own partners after decades. I know we will make the transition to our life together with ease for sure! I have no doubt that it will be everything we want & expect. We wouldn't still be this committed to each other if we didn't honestly believe that we were meant to share our love and lives with each other.

Now Diana is taking care of her personal life there to prepare for her departure, and should be here before her birthday in a few weeks. The anticipation at this point is incredible! Never have I waited so long for something I've wanted so much! Diana is the love of my life, my love of all loves, and the most beautiful person I've ever known. I am so fortunate to have met her, and it's going to be amazing to physically share our lives together .

The End

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