The Journey

Mar 9th:

Jake - I traded in my small converted cottage by the lake for a large raised bungalow in the country, about an hours drive more north. I've been traveling back n forth, 2-3 days at a time, between my old place and our new home for a couple of weeks now, getting it ready for us.

Its not the prettiest place on the outside, but after a week of patching and painting the walls & ceilings on the inside, its beginning  to look and feel like Our Home. Still lots more painting to do tho, but i think i'll be finished in time for Diana's arrival...

Diana's going to love it up here, I have no doubt! The house- Our Home, the forest on the back property just across the stream... I'm sure she'll be happy with me too!

Mar 12th:

Jake - Packing up my old house today, and moving into OUR new home tomorrow!! I will be offline for a week or two n will miss my sweetness, but it wont be long now til we're together at last!!

Mar 13th:

Jake (facebook  status update)
"Its MOVING DAY!!! :-D
Leaving my lil cottage by the lake n moving to a large bungalow in the country!
The start of a new life with my sweetness! Cu soon my love!"

Diana: Cant wait my love!!!
Jake: k, the boxes n big stuffs loaded!! now to take apart a bed n desk, collect the odds n ends, then we're off to the new house! :-)
Pixieheartkitty: awesome, congrats to you two :)
Jake: Here we go! Off to the new house now...
Diana: Yaaaayyy!!!! :D happy gurl here!!
Jake: thx Pixieheart! :-D
Jake: As good as done now! gotta come back for a few things in the shed and fix the lawn i destroyed when i got stuck, but otherwise, its Home Sweetness Home!!
Diana: Lol!! Yaaayy!!!
Pam W: Congratulations Jake - hope you'll be very happy. Pam & Davexxx
Jake: Thx Pam! :-D

Mar 18th:
Jake: Back today for the final odds n sods! Have the new house kinda setup, but lotsa painting left still. Lovin the new place! The kitchen n dining room alone r the size of the entire old house! plus 2.5 acres of land to play with! :-D ** Will be offline for a week or two til i get internet hooked up at the new house... so take care ev1 n cu laterz!!
Diana: Mixed emotions!! Is it :( or :) or both?? Lol!!

Mar 27th:
Jake: Yaaaay! Im back online now! :-) <<--- its this one!
Diana: Yaaayyyy!!!
Jake: All settled in now! All of the important rooms have been painted, ready for Diana's arrival!! :-)

The End

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