Today in Saint Louis, Missouri...

The Chronicles of sNICKick:

'The Journey'

*The Journey*(3rd of 3)
An Ongoing Narrative .
*This story is told through today's social media by way of status updates & comments, texts, and personal notes.

*Today in Saint Louis, Missouri...

"Today is the start of a unique journey for Diana ...
She is about to make a 1,600 mile journey North
From Missouri, USA, to Ontario, Canada...
Diana is on her way to meet the love of her life in person, for the 1st time,
and to call Canada her new home!"

Mar 3, 2012:
So today is the Official Day! 17 months after sNICK & Diana 1st saw each other from across a crowded chat room...
A chat room! Really!?

Yes! Really!! Our timelines intersected on a game site, affectionately called CF. It does actually happen, and i'm sure you've heard of someone it's happened to. This is Our Story, but more so, this is Diana's Story.

So now, Diana has her passport in hand, and enough money saved up to cover her journey!! Yaaay!!
Now begins her 1,600 mile journey north, across the border. One that she worked crazy hours to save up for, and has wanted to take unsuccessfully twice, for just over a year now. Now its time for Diana to prepare for her departure, make The Journey to meet the man she's doing all of this for, and to finally come HOME and start her new life!

Now, The Journey begins! And soon, they will unite for the 1st time...

Mar 4th:
Jake n Diana (facebook page status update)
"The time is upon us and our days apart are coming to a sweet end! Time to begin the next chapter in our lives!"

Jake: WooHoo! Each chapter just keeps on getting better! Can hardly wait to start fiiling the pages with great memories!!
Diana: The chapter before has been amazing, but its clear that its time to unite as one as we were meant to be! Nothings made me happier than life with you!
Jake: i love you sweetness Cu soon!! :-D

The End

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