The Chronicles of sNICKick: The Journey*

**The Chronicles of sNICKick** "The Journey"
Today in Saint Louis, Missouri...
Today is the start of a unique journey for Diana...
She is about to make a 1,600 mile journey North; from Missouri, USA, to Ontario, Canada...
Diana is on her way to meet the love of her life in person, for the 1st time, and call Canada her new home!

The Chronicles of sNICKick:

'The Journey'


About 17 months ago, while playing on an online game site, Jake & Diana first came to meet each other in the games chat room. This wasn't a dating site, members had Avatars for profile pictures, and no one really expected or looked to 'find love' with anyone there. Most were married, or involved anyways. So it was casual & harmless; they were just 2 more people chatting & laughing among their cyber friends.

    It wasn't for another few weeks, on Halloween, that they made the initial direct contact with each other. Since Diana was a friend of friends, Jake sent his first private message to Diana to wish her a Happy Halloween. It was nothing more than a friendly gesture, as he had shared with the rest of his friends there that day. In fact, Jake & Diana didn't talk privately for another 2 months after that.  They would still see each other daily in the chat room though, but that was all there was to it, at the time.

    In early January, after chatting daily in the game forum for those two months, they started to send private messages back and forth intermittently regarding the game. And, by the end of the month, they had shared real photos of each other, started to chat regularly in other social sites, and began to develop an understanding and like for one another. Although they liked each other, and really enjoyed the time they spent chatting, they'd mutually acknowledged in the beginning that neither had any intention of getting into a serious relationship with 'someone we met online- and certainly not from another country!'.

    But, over the next 14 months, Jake & Diana's relationship grew to become a serious commitment. Both were filled with the hopes and dreams of one day meeting each other in person, and finally sharing their lives together.  This is the story of their journey to finally meet, and it's told through today's social media by way of status updates & comments, texts, and personal notes.

The End

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