Plan's Gone AwryMature

You can tell a lot about a woman simply by the way she walks.
If she were shy, her stride was slow and hesitant, almost as if she were walking upon glass that was about to crack. But the confident women walk with long strutting strides, much like a feline as it skulks after its prey. Knowing exactly what she wants and the path that will give it to her.  Some woman took steps that were close to a shuffle, whereas others walked as if they were on a constant runway.
A confident woman was easy to break, they never expect a low life to stand up and knock them down, the more confident they are, the easier to break. A shy female on the other hand was a little tricky. She resembled a locked diary, closing herself away from the world while playing her cards close to her chest. But a challenge was always welcome, the harder the better.
Corey smiled a sly smile as he sat on the park bench people watching.

Just look at them, he thought to himself. They went about their daily lives completely oblivious to the killer that wanted to spill their blood like water and hear their screams as if it were a piece of beautifully composed music.
Corey shuddered in pleasure. Those screams…those terrified blood curdling screams. They were more precious to him than jewels to a thief.

Scanning his surroundings, Corey watched female after female as they ran by or walked past him. He couldn’t help himself, he watched them closely; the sway of their hips, the bounce in their hair and the light in their eyes. Corey pictured them beneath his knife, watching their skin part beneath the sharp blade, that first drop of blood running down their soft skin. Then there was the smell, that sweet coppery scent of blood, the way their perfume mingles with the scents inside his special room, death and rotting flesh mixing with the scent of a clean female.
It was euphoric.

Corey shot a glance toward his watch and sighed. As much as he enjoyed hunting, he already had Sara to play with. She hadn’t been broken yet, and he was just getting started. Soon, she would be nothing more than a memory, a mere pile of mutilated flesh and bones. 
Corey laughed softly and made his back toward his car. Soon Sara will break, just like her partner did as he screamed and begged for mercy. He laughed again and slowly made his way toward his car with a grin on his face.
On the back to the warehouse, Corey thought of all the things he could do to break Sara. He’d used knives, pliers and whips, along with his fists and nails. Oh she had screamed, but she never begged. She still had that light in her eyes that proved how much fight she had left within her, proving that Sara still held hope to escape from Corey.

Just as the feeling of incoming accomplishment settled over Corey, it quickly dissipated as he stopped before the entrance to the warehouse.
Everywhere he looked were cops, some in uniform, and others in wrinkled suits or plain clothes. Police lights flashed from about ten cars. Reporters had parked up outside of a perimeter while their cameramen filmed the scene with big grins on their faces. No doubt they thought that they had hit the jackpot and were excitedly waiting to get their interview from the wary looking police.

Corey swore and punched the steering wheel. They had picked now to finally catch up to him? Rage engulfed him, heating his blood and making his hands twitch.
There was without a doubt that they had found Sara and taken her away, taking her from Corey and robbing him of his pleasure to hear her screams one last time.

Gritting his teeth, he slammed his truck into gear and pulled away from the scene. He drove carefully, obeyed the rules and did his best not to draw attention toward himself.
Where would he go now? That warehouse was his playground, the perfect place for him to hide his toys and have his fun. Although he was smart enough to never leave his knives and other various torture devices behind with him, it was still a risk leaving Sara unattended. She knew too much and now Corey had lost her to the police.
He cussed again. “She’s mine.” He snarled in annoyance.

Corey forced himself to calm down and think, he had to be rational. If he tripped up now, the police will be waiting for him when he got back up. There was nothing left to do but to go into hiding. And he knew just the place for it.
“Looks like you were right Pa; home is where the heart is.” He muttered under his breath.
Corey dreaded the thought of going home, but that was his safe haven as well as the heart of his nightmares. A slow smiled spread across his lips.
At least he got to see dear old dad again.

The End

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