Three days ago…

There were many things Sara would rather be doing than standing outside a creepy old warehouse that a suspected serial killer was holed up in. She shuddered and pulled her thin coat tighter around herself.

“Sara, I really think we shouldn’t be here.” Kieran, her partner and co-writer muttered softly from beside her. Sara rolled her eyes and pulled out her small camcorder.
“We’ll only be here for a few minutes Kieran.” She murmured and strode forward in determination.
Sara reached the doors to the warehouse and paused to gingerly push one of them open and peered inside.
The smell of dust and rodents immediately greeted her, causing her eyes to water and nose start to run. She sneezed loudly only to jump in fright when a large rat squeaked and scurried into a large hole in a wall.

She shuddered again but took a reluctant step into the warehouse and let her eyes adjust to the darkness. Kieran sidled up beside her; he put his hands on his hips and let out an annoyed huff.
“Do I really need to repeat myself?” He says in exasperation. She rolled her eyes again at his tone of voice and annoying questions.

“No Kieran, you don’t. I got your point.” She snaps and turns in a slow circle to survey the warehouse more. There was something about it that just screamed wrong. It was too silent…as if the very building itself was holding its breath, like it was lying in wait like a predator would for its unsuspecting prey.

Sara gulped and brought up her camcorder to film the creepiness of the place. The longer she stayed, the scarier the place seemed to get. All Sara wanted to do was drop everything and run as fast as her legs could carry her, but the thought of all those dead people and their poor grieving families gave her determination to carry on.

“Are you sure this is the right place?” Kieran asked her. Sara bit her lip and slowly walked through the warehouse more.
“It has to be, plus…the anonymous tip we received remember? It seemed worthwhile to check out.” She muttered softly and continued to film her progress.  Kieran sighed loudly.

“Why couldn’t you just tell the police about this place? Why did you have to come here and bring me along?” Sara let out an annoyed grunt and turned to face him.

“Because the police won’t believe a reporter like me, and I came here because I’ve become attached to this killer and his story.” She paused and resumed filming. Making sure to pass her camera over the filthy walls and stained concrete floor. “I also brought you along because you’ve got a good camera for a place like this.” Sara murmured. He shot her a bland look but got out his camera and started snapping pictures.

Just as Sara reached the back area where two rotten doors stood half closed, where the fetid smell hit her. She stumbled slightly and gagged.
She dropped her camera and clapped her hands over her mouth.

The smell was so thick and foul that when she opened her mouth, she could taste it. Horrid and sour, bittersweet and somewhat forbidden. Kieran rushed over to her but stopped when the smell hit him. He pulled his shirt over his mouth and nose as he continued to stumble over to Sara.
“Jesus.” He breathed when he sank down beside her.
Abruptly a low laugh sounded from behind them. Sara looked up with wide eyes just as Kieran whipped around to face the stranger.
“Jesus isn’t here.” The male said in a mocking voice and a malicious smile on his face.

His hair was long and matted with dirt and who knew what else. His blue eyes sparkled with an insane light that made chills run down Sara's arms, while the rest of his face was grubby and unshaven. His clothes were blood soaked and holey with dirt caked into them so thick that it was hard to tell what colour they were meant to be.  

“Who are you?” Kieran said in a menacing voice. Sara slowly grabbed her camera and brought it up to her chest to film the male. Somehow, in her gut, she knew that this was the killer. The very man she was unwilling face.
“Who am I?” He grinned and strode over to Kieran. “I’m your worst nightmare.” He said and struck.
Sara screamed and screamed but was cut off abruptly when something hit her from
behind and darkness claimed her.     

                                                                              *   *    *
Present Day…

Carrie loved nothing more than a nice morning jog on a hot morning like this, the birds were out and the trees looked merry. Everything looked so perfect and picturesque that Carrie felt at peace with the world, there was nothing in this world that could destroy her good mood. With a broad grin she picked up her pace and ran down the street.

As she got further down the street a faint smell started to spoil the air. She grimaced and stopped running. Carried walked on slowly and cautiously, knowing that she was getting closer and closer to the source of that putrid odour. She slowed down even more when she noticed rats were running back and forth, carrying sticky looking meat in their mouths.

She slowly inched closer and stopped in shock when she saw what the rats were picking at.

Carrie’s eyes took in the male’s brutalized body, his arms were shredded and flaps of skin sagged down and fluttered slightly in the wind. What was left of the males torso looked like it had been cut open from neck to groin, the ribs protruded through random bits of flesh and the shiny organs gleamed under the suns unforgiving heat. Carrie looked at the males face and screamed.
His eyes were gone, just empty hollow sockets, his nose was just bits of crushed bone and torn skin while his mouth gaped open, revealing a missing tongue and missing teeth.

Carrie stumbled away and threw up on the sidewalk. Dizziness clung to her as her heart pounded inside of her ears. Black dots danced along her vision, threatening to take her consciousness. Carrie knew that she had to get her phone out and call the police, but her limbs refused to obey. She felt herself falling forward and there was nothing she could do about it.
Just as Carrie’s face smashed into the ground, she thought she heard pounding footsteps growing nearer and nearer.
She thanked God for that and let her eyes flutter shut.

The End

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