Sara's Torture.Mature

Sara screeched as the searing hot prod sunk into her skin, melting the flesh away to reveal raw muscle, pus and blood that seeped out of the wound. The metal prod got pulled away with a sickening sucking sound. The pain reverberated through her, making her veins thrum and heartbeat beat a tattoo against Sara's rib cage. 

 Sara slumped against the wall and breathed in harsh ragged breaths. She watched as the male put down the prod and pick the small whip that sat on a small side table
and caressed it almost lovingly. Sara shivered and brought her knees up to her

He walked over to Sara and stared down at her with his empty arctic eyes. 
“Get up.” He said in a low tone. She shook her head. He snarled and cracked the whip.

“I said, get up!” He shouted at her. Sara flinched and slowly got to her feet. He smiled at her.
“That’s my girl…” He whispered as his hand stroked over Sara's cheek. She bit back a grimace and fought not to shy away from his touch.
“You’ve been bad Sara; you know what happens to bad girls?” He asked her as his hand trailed down the side of her throat.

“N-no.”  She stuttered. With a movement that was too fast for Sara to track, he swung the whip in a small arc. It tore into Sara's shoulders and across her face. She cried out and brought her hands up to cover her face. Blood trickled down Sara's shoulders and face and slithered down her torso. She whimpered in pain and attempted to move away from him.
“Bad girls get punished.” He said through gritted teeth as he swung the whip again. It slashed over the skin of her forearms and elbows. She wailed and watched as the already torn skin sagged and showed the whiteness of her bones peeking through the ripped and mangled flesh.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Sara shouted at him. He frowned and back handed her. Sara's face snapped to the side as spittle sprayed from her mouth and two of her front teeth broke free and skittered across the wooden floor.

He reached out again and stroked a fingertip over Sara's still bleeding lips. She shook and sobbed. He sighed and walked over to his tool table and picked up the pliers. He examined them before he nodded in satisfaction and strode back over to her.

“No.” Sara whispered and backed away.

The End

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