Gone Fishin'Mature

The yacht rocked back and forth on the gentle waves, cool night air breezing over the depths of the ocean. Onboard, several men walked about the deck in the darkness.

Frank pulled away the black hood from the man's face as they reached their destination. Many miles off the coast of San Tenebris, far away from the harbour, they were completely isolated.

The man was shivering from the cold, a mild look of fear in his eyes. He raised his head and spat at Frank, causing him to recoil slightly, not letting go of the man's collar.

"A feisty one, isn't he?" said Bruce, Frank's boss. Frank calmly wiped the saliva from his cheek.

"I know how to handle the feisty ones," said Frank in a low tone. He withdrew his cigarette from his mouth, casually blowing out the smoke, then brought his hand up to the man's face and burned his eye. The man screamed in pain, collapsing onto his knees and clutching his face.

"Ooh, that's gotta hurt!" said Joey, manning the ship's wheel.

"He'll be hurting a lot more in a minute," said Frank. Picking the man up by his shirt and standing him up, he looked the man in the eye. "You know why you're out here, don't you?" The man nodded slowly.

"Good. And your associates do, as well? We'd hate to have to notify them ourselves." The man nodded again.

"Excellent," said Frank. Footsteps could be heard approaching from below deck, and Bobby emerged, bucket in hand.

"Got it right here, boss, nice and bloody," he said.

"Good," said Bruno. "Walk him out there." Frank did as ordered, pushing the man out on to the wooden plank that had been laid down on the yacht's bow.

"Man, this is some foul shit," said Bobby, his face crinkling in disgust. "I tell ya, Jaws is gonna appreciate this." He walked up to the man on the bow and dumped the contents of the bucket, several pounds of fish guts, onto him. The man continued to shiver in the cool breeze, dressed only in a ripped t-shirt and pants.

"Remember why this happened," said Bruno as Bobby pushed the man over the edge and into the water. Frank joined him on the bow to watch as the man struggled to tread water, shining his flashlight to illuminate him. Joey aimed his own flashlight towards a black fin poking out of the water.

"Ooh, here they are!" he said excitedly. "This is gonna be good."

The man simply stared up at the yacht in helplessness as the sharks converged upon him. He was promptly pulled under, and in seconds, a thick red cloud spread through the water.

"Well, that takes care of that," said Bruno. "Joey, take us back in."

"Aye aye boss," he said, turning the yacht's wheel and steering the vessel east. Frank, Bruno and Bobby took one last look at the red cloud before descending below deck, Joey joining them soon enough. They passed the time by playing cards and enjoying cold beers, completely desensitized to the grizzly work they carried out on a daily basis.

The End

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