The Chronicles Of Sam

Sam Barnes was tired after his long run in the country and all he wanted to do was to dive into the pool and swim himself cool...then have a nap, as it was only a little past eight and he didn't have to work until 2:00. He could leave at 1:00 and still make it to work in the city on time.

He changed into his swimming trunks and dove into the cool refreshing water and swam the length of it five times without a break, not noticing the man who sat quietly in the chair, watching him with a curiously blank expression.

Finally, Doanan was compelled to speak as he could only sit there in plain sight for so long without interacting with this Sam...who so far was the least impressive one he'd come across. So he rose and walked to the edge of the pool and called out to him. "Are you not curious as to how I came to be here, in your house?"

The End

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