Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 3.3

They didn’t get to rest long. Hilian was woken up by the rumbling sound of landslide, slowly making its way closer and closer to the bottom of the mountain.

“Wake up.” Hilian said, shaking both Fregodolf and Arenfinch awake.

“What?” Arenfinch groaned as he rolled over. Every inch of him felt sore and all he wanted to do was sleep.

“The landslide is coming.”

Arenfinch bolted up.

“What?” He demanded as he stared in the direction of the mountain. The rumbling noise was prominent.

“The landslide. It’s coming.”

Arenfinch stared in silent musing.

“Well, what are you do standing around here? Get going! We need to find the others!”

They turned and began running along to mountain praying that the other two were safe from the wolves. Hopefully

Their pace was quick. Going at a slow jog wasn’t going to help and the longer they took, the less likely the other two would be alive. But as they ran, the noise of howling wolves became closer and closer.

“I think we’re on their trail. You hear the wolves?” Fregodolf shouted.

“Forward and quick! We need to get them out!” Arenfinch declared as he pushed forward. Hilian trailed behind with a slight limp. “Hilian, you stay back. If something happens. You’re our only chance.”

Hilian nodded solemnly.


“Now!” She shouted as a wolf lunged at them. Ilin slashed out clumsily and hit the wolf. It fell back with a hiss, knocking down many of the wolves behind it. Two more jumped at them. Niserie tackled one of them, and threw it on the others. They fell back into the crowd as well. The landslide was still rumbling in the distance.

More wolves jump and attacked, all which were knocked down by them. They were lucky. Nothing big had happened yet. If either of them fell into the crowd, there was no chance of surviving. Those wolves were hungry.

“Watch out!” Niserie shouted pushing Ilin out of the way of a leaping wolf. They tumbled off the rock and rolled dangerously close to the wolf crowd. Niserie stumbled up and pulled the boy back. A wolf clambered onto the rock and stared dangerously down at them. There was no turning back to the rock now.

“What are we going to do?” Ilian panted, worn from the little amount of fighting.

“Fight and hope that the landslide comes soon.”

Ilin nodded. It was a desperate plan. But they had no other choice.

Just as they were about to charge, the sound of the landslide suddenly grew greatly louder.


The three ran right into the crowd of wolves. By then, the noise of the landslide was already too loud. If they didn’t find the others, their only hope would be that everyone had gotten undercover and survived the landslide.

“Niserie!” Fregodolf shouted over the noise, slightly worried, but all he could hear was the noise of wolves. “Ilin!”

There was no reply. Fregodolf didn’t expect one either. But just then he heard a hint of a shout.


Fregodolf looked around.

“Did you hear that?” He asked as he turned to looked at the others.

They both shook their heads. Fregodolf looked around confused. Was he just dreaming?

“Hey! You guys! Over here!” This time the voice was louder. Fregodolf looked around. The others followed his gaze and spotted a hand waving out from behind a rock.

“There!” He shouted, dragging Arenfinch along. They sprinted over behind the rock and slumped down besides the two.

They were finally back together.


Yalden was having a fun time commanding people around. Ever since Brinovan and led them to this clearing, he had been having a grand time. Brinovan assigned him as the commanding captain for building and he got to yell at people all day long. It was in his mind the best thing that could have ever happened to him. He never knew the commanding was so fun until now. If he had been a little kid, he would have said something like “Brinovan is the best!”

Yalden felt bad for poor Canmer. Since that incident with him running off, Brinovan had been really mean to him the whole time, making him do all of the dirty work. Yadlen couldn’t help but feel a little bit of pity for the poor boy, but it was his fault for running off like that in the first place.

Yalden left for his spot for a moment to take a short break. It was nice out and the clearing was many times larger now. Brinovan also managed to get more people to help him and now everything was moving along much quicker. It was quite exciting. At least he thought it was. After living so many years on the woods all quiet like and whatnot, a little commotion must be good, if not for the body, then for the mind. It would just be so dry without anything happening. That little adventure across the plain was nice, but it was just too dangerous in his opinion. This was much more fun and a lot less dangerous.

Yalden looked around the field. It was nice. It had only been one day since they first started building and the walls were already mostly up. Small primitive towers were built hastily around the clearing, but mostly it was the wall.

The wall was made of complete wood so far, as they didn’t have any other type of building material, but it was strongly built. Wide, sturdy and tall. The perfect mix for wall building. Yalden stared at the wall amazed. It was almost just as grand as the one he had seen in Luri. It only he could replicate that. It would be wonderful. Yalden sighed as he went back to work. It would be a long time before that happened.


Canmer continue working, but his mind was constantly troubled. The Clearing’s magic was starting to work on Brinovan and he was starting to doubt Canmer. Canmer was being treated as the slave and he was constantly forced to do the dirt stuff. It was upsetting, but not just as much as seeing the forest get cut down. Canmer turned back and stared at the wall that loomed over the clearing. It didn’t belong here. It really shouldn’t.

The forest Silia was once a large underground labyrinth over a dry arid plain. The creation of the labyrinth was unknown but it had been there since the beginning of the discovery of Lithilen. The labyrinth, known as Crypton’s Labyrinth was inhabited by a special race of elves known as the oracle elves. They were all female and had the ability to predict the future. But the future came with a price. The labyrinth was also the home of many of the deepest darkest demons and monsters. Anyone who wished to consult the oracle had to get through the labyrinth first without any directions and constant attacks from monsters. Once they get to the oracle, they could ask any one question. But they could not ask more than that or ask for a better answer for one that sounded befuddled or unclear. Then, the worst part was getting back. You were only allowed to stay in the oracle’s room for 2 hours, after that you risked being eternally doomed. Leaving the oracle room meant facing monsters again, and getting back through the labyrinth. Most people died trying to get their future, and those who did survive were usually discontent with the confusing nonsensical answer the oracle gave them. Some people were brave enough to come back for a second try, though it was much harder and most people died trying too. The second time usually resulted in a much more understandable answer, but also much more costly.

The labyrinth eventually collapsed due to a large earthquake that rumbled through Lithilen. The source or the reason of the earthquake was unknown, but it destroyed the labyrinth and collapsed all of its underground tunnels. None of the oracle elves escaped though some say there is still one that lives. Some people said that it did those oracle elves right for being so selfish in their arts. But after the labyrinth collapsed, the forest Silia grew over it, leaving only the magical area where the oracle’s lived still empty and bare. Some say that the magic of the oracles are still there, but mostly, the secret of the clearing was lost.

Only the Elder still knew for he was the one that the prophecy of the demolition of the labyrinth was told to.

The End

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