Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 3.2

Arenfinch leaned foward and tickled a spot beneath his chin, immediately, he fell to the ground, limp and unconscious. All trained wolves had a pressure point right under their chin trained knock them out if they ever get out of control. But it only worked on trained wolves. The wolf pack started backing away as they watched their leader falled to the ground. Arenfnch retrieved his sword and rammed it deep into the skull of the wolf. Blood spurted out of the wound and wolf fell dead. There was a howl from the wolves and they all began to run. Moments later, the mountain top was empty. There was nothing left but a small package of trampled but usable packages.

Arenfinch walked over tiredly and picked of the thing. Then he pulled the sword out of the wolf’s head and headed back down the road. Arenfinch had a new sword that day. And its name was Wolfbite.

Fregodolf met Arenfinch, all covered in blood halfway up the road. The dead carcasses of the wolves littered the ground and the smell of blood wafted through the air. Arenfinch looked up at him with bloodshot eyes.

“I thought I told you to stay.”

“You did. But I was worried.”

“I told you to say means that you stay. Do you not understand that?”

“And what if you died in there? Do you expect us to just wait there forever?”

Arenfinch failed to respond as he pushed past Fregodolf. He was tired, in fact too tired. He was barely supporting himself walking right now. He really should rest. But he would need to do that after he fixed up Hilian’s wounds. Oh, that silly stupid knight. None of this would have happened if he didn’t get bitten. He would have to thank the knight some day. Especially since he killed the wolf. He got back to the boulder and set to work immediately on Hilian’s wounds. They weren’t bad, but they were deep and deep wounds always bled a lot. Niserie had already helped staunch the flow a little, but the bandages would fix everything up. There would be no need to be scared for anything to happen now.

“I think we’ll be spending the night here then.” He finally grumbled.

“I thought you said it was dangerous here at night.” Ilin stared at him.

“I said stay so we stay! The wolves are gone now. But if you wish to, you can leave the mountain alone.”

Ilin shook his head.


As the sun set on the horizon, the Circle rested around the boulder. It would be a restful night. But tomorrow would be even more hectic.


“Wake up!” A hand shook Arenfinch feebly. He mumbled something, batting the hand away and rolled over. “Wake up Arenfinch! We’re in trouble!”

“What?” He finally sat up mumbling.

“The ground is shaking!”

As Arenfinch finally came to his senses, he realized that the ground was shaking. He looked up and saw at the end of the path, a small cloud of fog that seemed to get bigger and bigger by the moment. Suddenly, his eyes burst wide open as the truth struck him.

“Those stupid wolves.” He cursed, grabbing everything around them. “Everyone run! Landslide!”

Immediately, everyone set off down the rocky path. Hilian limped heavily behind, with Fregodolf helping him. Arenfinch, as he ran, saw a wolf standing on a cliff, far away, staring at them with its deep red eyes. He screamed at the wolf and vowed that he would come back one day to kill every living thing on this mountain. Messing with Arenfinch was not a good idea.

Rocks began crumbling beneath their feet and the path began to fall apart. The mountain was made completely of stone stacked on top of stone. There was no stability in it and to set just one rock off could send the whole mountain tumbling. The wolves did it and now the mountain was going to collapse on them.

“Off the road! To the side!” Arenfinch shouted as he dragged Ilin off the narrow road. If anything collapsed on them, they would be dead. Best get out of the way first.

Niserie followed nimbly behind, but Hilian was having a hard time maneuvering around the rocks. They almost our ran the landslide when the growl of a wolf rang out behind then. Arenfinch saw the problem and pushed Ilin forward with Niserie.

“You two get going. Once you reach the bottom of the mountain, hide behind a ledge. No matter what, do not go into a cave. You hear me? No caves.” Then he turned and ran back to help Hilian. “You wolves are going to pay!”

Arenfinch screamed as he slaughtered the wolves. Fregodolf ran after him as well, killing and stabbing. Crowds of wolves howled at them as they knocked the wolves off the mountain, sending them falling into the rocky ravines of the mountain. The landslide was catching up to them.

“We need to get going. Retreat!” Fregodolf shouted, dragging the crazed Arenfinch out of the wolf crowd. Hilian was dealing with a wolf not much far ahead. “Hilian, retreat!”

Hilian killed the wolf and began retreating back along with the others.

Fregodolf struggled to drag Arenfinch backwards. The man seemed to be out of his mind and Fregodolf could only resort to his last choice. He lifted his sword and smacked solidly on Arenfinch’s head. The man fell limp and Fregodolf picked him up. The wolves were still behind them, but if they could just get down the mountain...

The landslide was still rumbling slowly behind them and Hilian almost tripped on a stone that flew past him. They pushed on down the mountain and finally stumbled down to the bottom. But there was no one there.

“Niserie!” Fregodolf shouted. “Ilin! Where are you?”

There was no response. Fregodolf sighed. It would be a long trek around the mountain to search for those two. Hopefully they were still alive.


Niserie stumbled down the mountain with Ilin. She hated how she was constantly pushed off, leaving her feeling helpless and useless. They pushed through the rough terrain of the rocky mountain and finally reached the bottom after a long run. The sounds of the landslide seemed distant, but they couldn’t be too sure. Niserie grabbed Ilin and pushed him behind a rock, jumping in behind him.

“What are we going to do now?” Ilin whispered.

“I don’t know. Wait I suppose.”

Ilin nodded and settled back down. And so they waited. It was a long wait and  hence they stay for a long time. Yet as they waited, Niserie couldn’t help but notice a soft sniffing sound coming from behind her. Something was coming here and she could feel it searching for them. She tugged on Ilin’s arm.

“There’s something behind us.” She whispered. The boy whipped around and peeked out from behind the rock cautiously. Suddenly he dropped down again.

“W-wolves.” He managed to whisper as his eyes darted back and forth looking for another more safer place to hide. Niserie grab hold of her sword.

“Over there.” She pointed to a large rock a few feet in front of them. It wasn’t far, but if was enough for the wolves to see them. They were going to have to face the wolves sooner or later. But Niserie was more worried about something else.

If the wolves are here now, what happened to the others?


Fregodolf set the limp Arenfinch down on the ground. That man was going to be really angry when he woke up, but the silence right now was worth the scolding later.

“Any plan?” He looked up at Hilian. The elf knight sighed and shook his head.

“I think we best rest while we can and then set out to search for the other two when Arenfinch wakes up again.”

Fregodolf nodded.

“I suppose we’ll have to do that.”

They both sat down and fell asleep moments later.


Wielding a sword was awkward. Niserie much preferred a bow. She really wished she had brought her own bow even though that sword in her hand was a wonderful sword. The wolves pounced at them quickly and Niserie had to drag the boy away. Now if only she had her bow, she could kill those wolves on the run. close combat was not her thing and now it was really showing. Niserie barely blocked a wolf as she retreated with Ilin. The boy had his sword out, but from the way he was holding it, he didn’t seem know how to use it any better than Niserie.

“Get back!” Niserie shouted, pushing the frantic boy backwards right before a wolf jumped at him. Ilin stumbled and fell on the ground sending his sword flying.

“My sword!” He gasped and crawled forward to get it. But right as he closed his hands around the hilt of the sword, a heavy paw landed solidly on the blade. There was a silent growl as Ilin looked up, staring eye to eye at a wolf. He screamed, ripping the blade out from under the paw and started swinging blindly at the wolf in front of him. he felt his blade connect with something and then there was a thump. He opened his eyes and saw the dead wolf lying on the ground with one long gnash across it’s face.

Ilin stared at the wolf for a moment in shock. He just killed a wolf. Even after 308 years of peaceful living, he just kill something. There was a reason why Ilin didn’t want to become a hunter. There was a reason why adventuring to him was suppose to only be a dream. Ilin hated the thought of anything or anyone dying. It was just a terrible thing.

“I’m sorry wolf. I had to kill you.” He said, trying to reason with himself. “If I didn’t kill you, you would have killed me. It was either me or you. I’m sorry. I wish we could have just compromised and...”

“Ilin!” Niserie shouted, knocking him out of his trance. “What are you doing! Get out of the wolf crowd!”

Ilin looked around and suddenly realized that he was completely surrounded by wolves. He panicked and sunk to the ground.

“Ilin?” Niserie peered into the wolf crowd unable to see the boy. “Ilin!”

Ilin began crawling around the wolves and finally pushed his way out of the crowd.

“Here!” He shouted breathlessly, stumbling upright and ran off towards the nearest rock he could hide behind.

Niserie cursed under her breath. For a moment she had thought that the boy was dead.

“Next time give a memo!” She shouted, slightly annoyed. Niserie jumped down from the rock she just crawled on and leaped behind the rock where Ilin was.

“Alright, here’s the plan.” Niserie said as a plan slowly formulated in her mind. “There’s just too many wolves out there and too little of us. There’s no leader for some reason. So, we need to find something that will cause internal conflict.”

Ilin nodded eagerly, waiting for her to continue.

“The problem is, what can we do to cause internal conflict?”

Ilin looked just as stumped.

“Food?” He offered weakly.

“Those wolves aren’t hungry.”

“But if they aren’t hungry, why are they trying to eat us?”

“Wolves like eating elf meat. It’s just a fact. We’re half-elf. That’s the closest thing they can get to elf meat since the disappearance of the elves.”

Ilin shuddered. They sat there silently thinking as the wolves roamed around behind them looking for where they were. It would only be a moment before the wolves would pick up their scent again and find them behind the rock. Suddenly, a distant rumbled echo through the plain.

“That’s it! The landslide!” Ilin gasped.

Niserie nodded in agreement.

“Alright. We’ll need to hold these wolves out until the landslide comes and then hope for the best.”

The two steadied themselves on the rock, facing the wolf crowd. Niserie stared at the menacing wolf pack and wished for her bow again.

The End

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