Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 2.6

Day 24, 1826 words

As Brinovan watched his small crew get to work, he realized that he a person short. Who was he missing? As he looked around, he noticed that Canmer was nowhere to be seen.

“Yalden!” He shouted and Yalden appeared in front of him.


“Have you seen Canmer?”

“Canmer? I thought here was here the whole time.”

“No, he isn’t.”

“Well  I haven’t seen him. Maybe he’s just hidden or something.”

“And why would he be hidden?”

“I don’t know...” Yalden trailed off.

“Exactly.” But at that moment, they saw Canmer slip back into the clearing.

“Canmer!” Brinovan shouted. “Get over here!”

Canmer looked up surprised for a moment before he jogged over to them.


“Where have you been?”

“Off in the forest.”

“I commanded you to work on building, what were you doing off in the forest?”

“Since when were you the commander of everything? Maybe I just taking a break.”

“If you followed me here, then you have to listen to me. Now that was the first warning. if you get anymore, I will have to kick you out.” Brinovan shooed him off and turned back to stared at the work in process. The trees around the clearing were being cut down and the entire clear was now a complete circle bigger.

Canmer shrank back into the crowd people working. He went to work cutting down a tree too, but he made sure to take a long time. Cutting down trees? This was so wrong. Canmer sighed as he got to work. If he save the forest, he would have to find out what Brinovan’s plan was soon.


Fregodolf dragged them until they were far enough.

“You two run down. I need to go help the others.”

Niserie nodded and grabbed Ilin’s hand.

“Let’s go.” And they stumbled down the mountain. Fregodolf turned and rushed back, unsheathing his sword quickly.

“Why are you here!” Arenfinch screamed. “I told you to go!”

“I can’t leave you! If we fight, we fight together!”

Arenfinch sighed again. He was just as stubborn as the knight.

A wolf lunged at him and he arched out his sword, sending the wolf flying backwards, knocking over a few of the wolves behind him. Hilian was stabbing wolves like they training dummies, whirling through the pack of wolves quickly. But they weren’t fatal wounds and most of them crawled back up again. Fregodolf slashed at a wolf that had lunged at him and sent it flying. They were making progress but there were just too many wolves. Just as Hilian was going to send another wolf flying, one came from behind and knocked him down. He twisted around, landing on the wolf and quickly stabbed down at it. There was a howl and the wolf fell limp beneath him. But he was no longer in the condition to continue fighting.

“We need to retreat! No need to exterminate all of the wolves on the mountain!” Arenfinch shouted over the ruckus dragging Hilian out of the crowd of wolves. They retreated down the mountain, but continued to get rid of the wolves. The mountain path behind was swarming with wolves and they were barking at them madly. Fregodolf hacked a wolf’s head off and threw its body in front of the road, causing a small blockade as the wolves tried to untangle themselves from the dead body.

“Good think. Now run!” They turned and raced off, Hilian lagging slightly behind, holding his side painfully. They ran down the side until Hilian couldn’t run anymore. There was just too much blood.

“Leave me.” He panted. “You guys must go. I can deal with the wolves myself.”

Arenfinch stared at him.

“Do you think I would just leave you after you just stayed with fight alongside me? Come, we will carry you if it must be!” They set off again, with Hilian resting heavily on Arenfinch’s shoulder. They finally stopped when the noise of wolf barks had completely disappeared. They slowed down their pace and eventually caught up to Niserie and Ilin, who were both hidden behind a large rock, swords drawn and ready to fight.

“You’re here!” There was a small shout from Niserie as she ran over and hugged Fregodolf. Arenfinch set Hilian down on the rock and went to tend his wound. There was deep bite on the side of his leg and multiple claw wounds on the side of his abdomen. Blood trickled down from the wounds and dripped to the ground.

“Who has the bandages?” Arenfinch mumbled. Everyone looked around. There was a food pack, the water, equipment, but no bandages. “I said where are the bandages!”

Silence remained as everyone continued to stare at each other. Hilian finally spoke up in a strained voice.

“I think they’re still up on the mountain.”

“Galen’s finger.” He cursed looking around. “He needs bandages or else he’ll bleed to death. I’ll be back. Fregodolf, you stay and protect them. No point in risking my life to get bandages just to have them gone.”

He turned and ran back up the road. This time Fregodolf stayed.

Arenfinch ran back up to rood quickly, throw out long strings of curses. The sound of wolf howls neared again. So the wolves were still there. He lift his sword and stared deeply into the eyes of the wolves still far away. Then he ran forward and let a long warcry out of his mouth. Those wolves were going to wish they didn’t try attacking him.


Ilin stared silently at the ground. First he had been thrown into an adventure he didn’t want to be in. And now he felt completely useless while Arenfinch went risking his life to get a bandage. He couldn’t get help tend Hilian. He watched as Niserie, who was bent over Hilian, worked on tending Hilian’s wounds to the best of her extant, trying to staunch the bleeding with a peice of torn cloth from her cloak. It wasn’t enough. The bandages had blood clotting herbs weaved into them and helped stop the bleeding. But just cloth was not enough. Fregodolf paced back and forth looking up at the road every once in awhile. But there was no sign of Arenfinch. Finally, Fregodolf stamped his foot impatiently.

“I’m going to see of I can find Arenfinch.” He turned to Ilin. “You stay here and protect to others. If something happens, you’re in charge.”

Great, now the burden was on him. Ilin nodded reluctantly. Fregodolf turned and ran off back up the road.


Wolves fell to the ground howling as Arenfinch cut through the crowd like a crazed man until he reached the top of the mountain. There, stood a familiar shadow of a wolf slightly larger than the others. Arenfinch squinted at him, as he panted tiredly. Blood was splattered all over his clothes and it wasn’t just wolf blood.

“Oh, so you want a show down, huh?” He gave the wolf a small grin. All of the other wolves seemed to have noticed the challenge and everything became silent. The wolf bared its teeth at him.

“Come on. Fight like a man!” He shouted and the wolf lunged

It was a long time ago that Arenfinch had stumbled over this mountain. It was when he was still young, inexperienced and everything. He was alone and wandering when the wolves first attacked him. He fought back like an idiot of course and almost killed himself doing so. There was the leader wolf that always sat on the rock and simply watched him as the other wolves tried to fight him and knock him down. It would simply watch as Arenfinch killed each and every one of the wolves that try to touch him, but it would just sit and stare. No reaction came out of him. Not even anger from the death of the wolves of his clan. A cold hearted wolf he was.

The first time, Arenfinch barely got out of the crowd of wolves, finding out how bad they were at climbing down mountains, the only thing that saved him from being their next meal. A few years later, he came back again, with the wish to exterminate all of the wolves. He brought along with him a few brave mates who were willing to take the risk with him. they attacked the wolf camp and were immediately overwhelmed. Arenfinch was the only one who survived, barely crawling out of the crowd of wolves, who were busy devouring the dead bodies of his mates. The leader wolf was still there.

The third time, he came alone, unable to get himself to recruit other people, knowing they would most likely just die. He aimed to capture the leader wolf this time. If he could just wreak havoc in the wolf clan, maybe he could destroy them and revenge for the deaths and pains they caused him. He arrived silently at the wolf camp, cleverly clad in wolf skin. These wolves, being that they didn’t have amazing eyesight took him in, though they were slightly suspicious of his smell. That night, he ambushed the leader and they wrestled each other for hours on end. It wasn’t until daybreak that Arenfinch wounded the wolf harshly and he himself barely crawled out of the camp. He thought that the wolf would be dead.

Now, he was back again, ready to fight and it was going to be the final showdown. One of them was going to die and he knew it would most likely be him. But Arenfinch was ready. He was going to get rid of this stupid wolf that had been torturing his life and filling it up with hatred. It would be a shame though to just die here today. He still had so many other things to revenge on.

The wolf lunged at him with a howl and Arenfinch threw up his sword. The wolf clamped it’s jaws down on the blade, ripping it out of his hand and threw it into the crowd of wolves. Arenfinch cursed. This wolf was smart. He lunged forwards and pushed the wolves over before it could react and gave it a solid punch in the face. It howled and pushed him off of its body, throwing him backwards. He landed on the ground and the wolf immediately jumped on top of him. Arenfinch lifted a leg and jammed it onto lower body and sent it flipping forward. He twirled around and grabbed its head and jammed it backwards. The wolf growled and lashed out at him with its whip like tail. Arenfinch cried out in pain as his leg buckled beneath him. What kind of tail was that? He tighten his grip on the wolf’s neck and barely managed to swing onto its back. It tried jumping backwards and only made himself look more like a fool. Arenfinch smiled slowly. So that was his fatal flaw. He was a trained wolf.

The End

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