Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 2.3

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Niserie was guided to a room in the palace and was left alone to settle herself. She drew out her sword to study it. It was gray but reflected a light azure tint as she flashed it through the air. It beautifully crafted and balanced perfectly in her hand. It’s name was encrypted delicately on the blade.


Riverfang. Niserie smiled. this sword was going to come in handy some day.

“Hey.” Niserie dropped her sword in surprise. She looked up and saw Fregodolf standing in the doorway.

“Hey.” She gave him a smile as she bent down to pick up Riverfang.

“They’re beautiful aren’t they?” He said staring at the sword.

“Yeah.” Fregodolf leaned in.

“May I?” Niserie nodded. He held the sword by the hilt and balanced it perfectly on his hand.

“Riverfang. That’s a nice name.” He studied the sword curiously. “If fits you well.”


He handed the sword back to her.

“You were really brave to stand up.”

“I just thought it was a shame to see all these people who were supposed to be protecting their country just sit there. It was pretty impulsive.” Niserie shook her head. It was impulsive and slightly stupid of her. What was she going to do in such a dangerous journey? Maybe she knew how to kill a deer. But that was nothing compared to troll killing and orc slaying. You weren’t fighting to get food. You were fight to live.

“Well, it was a good decision.”

“Really?” Niserie looked up at him. He nodded at her earnestly.


Niserie smiled. At least there was someone who supported her.


Ilin walked slowly home, staring at the sword in his hand. The reality had barely struck him until now. He was going on an adventure. After 308 years, after waiting for so long to go one one, he no longer felt the want to travel. There was a heavy stone at the bottom of his heart. It was one thing to listen to the great epics and songs of other brave souls, but it was an entire other thing to be one of these great souls. Dread filled his heart and Ilin had to admit that he wasn’t the bravest person live. He slowly pushed open the door to his home.

“Hey mother. I’m back.”

“Ilin! Where have you been.”

“Uh, no where.”

“Yes, yet you were out exactly the same time as the Council met.”

“I was just out.”

“And what it that suspicious sword in you hands...”

“It’s-” His mother reached out and grabbed the sword.

“A sword from the king? Tell me. Where had you been.”

“To the council.” Ilin finally responded.

“Child, did you get selected for something?”

Ilin nodded guiltily.

“I’m supposed to travel with others to defeat Hilssur.”

“My child!” His mother gasped. “I suppose I must let you go?”

Ilin nodded. He hated how he always felt like a child in front of her. And he acted like one too.

“Well, then. I hope you travel well and grow. You aren’t a child anymore.” His mother waved him off. “Go get ready, I’ll pack some things for you.”

Ilin walked numbly off. Maybe he was growing up.


Brinovan paced his room back and forth waiting for Fregodolf to come. He said he would meet him soon. Where was he? There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The door creaked open and in stepped Fregodolf.

“You finally came.” Brinovan gave him a small glared.

“Sorry, I got lost. The servants told me to turn left instead of right. It was pretty embarrassing actually.”

“What did you do?”

“I walked in girl’s bathing room by accident. Thankfully there weren’t too many people.”

Brinovan chuckled softly.

“Well. I do have to say. That is rather embarrassing.”

“So, what did you call me here for?”

“About going back.”

“Going back? You know I’m in the Circle.”

“Yes, but the rest of the party is still going back. We need an explanation for your disappearance but we don’t want to cause too much commotion with the people.”

“Are you saying you want to hide the full truth?”

“Basically, yes.”

“Why? Shouldn’t the people get their right to the full truth? It there a problem with the full truth?”

“No, but I don’t want the be the bearer of bad news, nor do I want to cause commotion. The last thing we want is panic.”

“Well what are you going to do then?”

“I don’t know. that’s why I’m asking you. I thought maybe you would have a solution. Obviously, you’re a lot braver than we are. Maybe you’re smarter too.”

Fregodolf stopped to think for a while. This wasn’t the normal dilemma. You had to tell the truth, yet not tell the full truth, yet tell enough that the people be satisfied, yet not too much to cause commotion. There was the perfect balance there and it wasn’t easy to find.

“What if you tell them that we went to find the source of the darkness.”

“That’s not enough. They’ll want to know where, why, who we think it might be. We can’t lie, but we can’t not tell them either.”

“Well, do you have any ideas?”

“I do have one. But will ruin your reputation.”


“I’ll say that you ran off with the girl. As an explanation of your disappearance. The rest? We are sending search parties to look for you.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“Exactly! But there is no other way. At least I can’t think of any other way.”

“I suppose if we must...” Fregodolf trailed off uncertainly. they would still be lying to the people. And it would be an even more ridiculous lie. But it was definitely one of more better and believable lies. The question was, was he willing to risk his reputation for this?

“Anything for my country. Alright, I’ll do it.” It was settled this way. But Fregodolf couldn’t hide a feeling that something was off about this. Something definitely wasn't’ right.


The next morning the Circle was called up again. It was time for them to set out. Everyone arrived at the hall. Niserie and Fregodolf with their little possessions. Ilin with an all out pack of supplies from his mother. Hilian stood there silently with the small amount of items a knight brought with himself and Arenfinch stood besides him, simply clad in light travel clothes. The king stood before them.

“I wish you luck. Travel well and fast and bring back good news. Now, begone!” There was a blow of the horn and the five of them set out. The king sent out guards to escort them to the end of the valley. They stopped at the valley, the lead guard turned and faced them.

“We are only allowed to escort you this far. Farther out, we say good luck. May fate be in your favor!” They saluted and returned back to town, leaving them with nothing but themselves and 5 horses.

“Well, I suppose we should set out then.” Arenfinch finally said, as they watched the receding figures of the guards. Safety was gone and they were officially into the wild. They all mounted their horses and rode off into Corrin. Niserie’s hood was pulled tightly over her head and the dark cloud bore heavily on their shoulders again. It would be a long journey until they reached the edge of the plain and who knew how bad the cloud was in the north? But as for now, keeping alive was all that was important.

But the darkness was brewing. And there was more to come.


Brinovan watched the receding shadows of the traveling party, a plan brewing in his mind. There was a clear feeling of bitterness bubbling in his mind and something changed in his mind. This was ridiculous. Why were they going on such a hopeless journey, to try to get rid of a powerful enemy in the most hopeless way possible? And they were the ones that were being labeled brave. He wasn’t willing to risk his life for something ridiculous yet and so he apparently wasn’t brave. How stupid of a concept? He turned and walked back to the palace to pack up his things. He was suppose to stay for a little longer but he had something urgent on his mind. He would have to leave now. Maybe that meant another long trip over the plain, but it was worth it. He was going to get the title of hero and it wasn’t going to be by stupidly risking his life. He stopped by Yalden and Canmer’s room.

“I’m leaving.”

“What?” They both looked up and stared at him. “Aren’t we suppose to be staying?”

“Yes, but I feel that we should probably go back.”

“Why? That would mean another hard trip across Corrin. I’m not ready for that again.”

“Whatever. That’s your choice. But I’m just telling you that I’m leaving tomorrow. If you want to come, show up at my room tomorrow morning. If you don’t show up, I’ll assume you’re staying.”

He turned and left. There was silence behind him. It would be nice to have a few companions to help him in his plan. Maybe they would agree with him.

The End

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