Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 2.2

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More laughs rang out around the table.

“Alright, alright. This is the council. If you would like to argue, take it outside.” The king interrupted. “Arenfinch brings up a good point. We can’t just hog up in the valley and wait. We can’t support the people at this rate and if we don’t get rid of the cloud, we will be just sitting here waiting to die.”

There was a silence at the table.

“Well, then why don’t we form a travel party?” Arenfinch looked up at everyone. Silence resumed at the table and it stayed for a while. No one was willing to go on this crazy journey and it was understandable. It was so dangerous just on Corrin, who knew what would happen beyond the plain? Niserie looked around with a welling annoyance gathering in her gut. These wimps. Was no one willing to take the risk to save their people? She stood up.

“I will go.” Everyone’s eyes turned to stare at her.

“You. Who are you? A girl. We don’t even know what you look like. Why should you go?” The same bulky elf that argued with Arenfinch now turned to look at her. “Show yourself and call your name.” He demanded. Niserie glared at him from under her hood. She slowly raised her hand and threw her hood back.

“Niserie Valendir, representative from the Silienfauna.” She spoke clearly and her voice rang loudly throughout the hall. There was a small wave of gasps.

“I’m coming too.” Fregodolf stood up too, eyeing Niserie carefully.

“Good! That makes 2!” The king tried to keep the mood light though his eyes seemed to be one Niserie’s hair too. “Anyone else?”

This whole time, Ilin had been hiding behind a pillar behind the chair of the girl. He noticed her hair and let out a small gasp. A guard noticed him and grabbed him.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you know this is the council?”

Ilin stared at the guard.

“I’m not stupid.”

“Then why are you here?”


“Well, if you have no purpose, I will have to make you leave.”

“No! Stop! Don’t!” He shouted slightly too loudly and the people at the table saw him. “Uh, I’m going too!”

The moment the words left his mouth, he regretted saying them. Ok, maybe he was curious about what happened in the Council, but he wasn’t willing to risk his life to go kill a dark wizard.That was just plain suicide. But words were words and once they left his mouth, he couldn’t take them back anymore.

“Who are you?”

“Uh, Ilin Naskar.” He felt slightly inferior compared to that grand name stating the girl did. Jeez. Why could he sound just as confident?

“Good! That makes 3. Anymore?”

Everyone looked around the table. No one stood up. Finally a tall lean Luriennfuana stood up. The one that stayed quiet the entire time.

“I’ll come.” His quiet voice rang out throughout the hall.

“Hilian? Are you sure?” The king looked up at the half-elf. The country’s best swordsman was going on this quest. It better turn out good.

“I am sure, your honor.”

“Alright. Anyone else?” Silence resumed. Suddenly the man stood up.

“Four will be enough. They shall come with me.”

“Why you?” The problem some one spoke up again.

“Do you wish to send a travel party to their deaths? They need a guide that knows the land.” He turned abruptly and left the hall. The king sighed. The man was too sporadic.

“Alright. The council will disperse. Those who are in traveling party, stay after please. Now, disperse!” The everyone left the room noisily except for the few in the party. The king turned to face them.

“You, as the few brave souls willing to sacrifice yourself for the better good of the others, are all proclaimed at nobles souls. I proclaim you the Circle of the Golden Light in honor of this brave miss who was willing to stand up first. Now, bring in the swords!”

Servants walked out with four trays. Each one had a special sword on it.

“Each of these swords are made of Azian metal, lightly yet strong and also quite sharp. I give them to you as a token of bravery. Use them well. I wish you luck!” Each of them were handed a sword. Then the council was officially dispersed.

The End

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