Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 2.1

Day 11, 729 words (7209 total)

“The girl wishes to keep her riding cloak.” The servant looked up at him and nodded. He shrank back away and let Niserie alone. Great. She got through this part, but she probably made her look like a helpless idiot that couldn’t even speak up for herself to the others. But she got through the first part and probably saved herself plenty of trouble. Thank the gods.

Niserie followed others down the hall and arrived at the meeting room. The place was huge. The room was made of pure ivory and the walls were lined with gleaming golden trails. Grand mosaics decorated the floor and circled the ceiling. Golden and silver vines crawled up the walls and twirled into delicate patterns. The ceiling reach high above her and glistening chandeliers glowed brightly from it, reflecting light throughout the entire room. It was absolutely breathtaking.

“Welcome!” A voice boomed. Niserie looked up and saw a Lurrien standing at the other end of the table. A delicate crown of vines was set on his head. “Would you like to take a seat?”

The man gestured to the empty seats of the table left for them. There were five exactly. They took a seat at the table and the king sat down again.

“Do we have everyone?” There was a silence as everyone looked around to see if there were any empty chairs. Niserie looked around too and she could feel many people stare at her. It must be the fact that she was still wearing her riding cloak and she also had it pulled tightly over her face. Suspicious but hidden well. She seemed to be the only girl there and it made her feel slightly uncomfortable. There was a wave of nods.

“Great!” He said with a smile. There was a small pause in the room before Feodin spoke up again.

“As you may all know, there has been a dark cloud that has been covering the plain lately.”

There were murmurs of agreement.

“Our representatives from the Silienfuana have been attacked by a group of wandering trolls.” He continued. “And our scouts have confirmed that other than these trolls, there is not a living thing left in Corrin. Our plain is dying.”

There was a mutter of consent from everyone and the king continued.

“More scouts have reported that the Falinn, our old enemies in the north have been acting up lately and there is new of Hilssur rising. But they are not sure.”

“Hilssur! How?” Someone spoke up loudly. “He was defeated already by Azzasmar, one of the few good deeds he ever did. How could Hilssur rise again?”

“We cannot underestimate the powers of a dark wizard. If Hilssur rises again, we will be in big danger. With the plain of Corrin in this state, we wouldn’t be able to support any type of war against him. Something needs to be done before he fully rises.”

There was a silence before another voice spoke up again.

“I believe we should send out travel party to Garnor up north and tried to defeat Hilssur before he becomes stronger.” Everyone turned to stare at the man sitting to the right of the king. He was the only human at the Council.

“And who do you think you are, speaking so ridiculous ideas at an elven council?” The someone spoke indignantly. The man laughed softly.

“If you wish to live, I suggest you listen to me. Or you can sit here and waste time arguing over how to die.”

“What did you say?” There was a slam on the table and a bulky figure stood up. “Are you mocking the Council as useless?”

“No. I am simply stating that if you think my suggestion is ridiculous, I would like to see if you have a better idea.”

“I say we stock up and get ready to defend the valley.”

The man snorted.

“By the time Hilssur arrives, you’ll all be dead from starvation.”

There was a round of gasps.


“Despicable man? I have been called that many times. But I am no more despicable than you are a troll. Hopefully I haven’t judged your race wrong.”

There was a silent round of laughs as the half-elf stood there wordless and red-faced.

“And what if I am a troll?”

“Then I am despicable.” The man replied with a small chuckle.

The End

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