Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.8

Day 9, 1260 words (6480 total)

“Best keep that a secret.” He whispered. Niserie nodded. Having magical glowing hair wasn’t something people saw from day to day. Better keep it a secret for now. The scout rode up to them and stopped in front of them.

“Were you sent from the forest?”

“Yes. And in the middle, we were attacked by trolls, losing all our horses. There were five of use but we got split fighting the trolls.”

The scout nodded.

“There were some raging trolls the other day. Took away two of our best scouts. Well, come along. I suppose you’re probably starving.”

The scout called up two horses and they rode back to the scout camp. There were a few others sitting around too with a few scant provisions. It was nothing compared to those berries they had that morning.

“You’re actually not too far from Luri. You got lucky. Any farther, and you could have die of starvation. I don’t know what’s been going on with the cloud but it definitely has made things harder. Much harder for us.”

The scout got up and came back with a small bundle.

“Here. These cloaks are a lot lighter then those lumbering things you got on. They’re made of a special fabric, tight, strong and light.” He tossed the bundles over.

“Thanks.” Fregodolf gave him a smile.

They threw on their new cloaks and abandoned their old ones. Walking felt so much lighter this way.


Stumbling along the drained river was about just as hard as finding the river was. The barely trickling little thing weaved in and out of the tall grass and in the darkness made barely any noise either. When they were thirsty, there was the river. But food was a problem. For a while, they tried chewing grass, but that bitter dry and hard stuff wasn’t filling and didn’t eases the hunger at all other than giving stomach aches. Brinovan pushed them till they couldn’t walk a single step farther. Canmar collapsed on the ground too tired to take around step. Yalden stopped moments later.

“Come one guys! We need to get moving!”

“I can’t do this anymore.” Canmar gasped. “If I take another step, I’m going to die. I can feel it.”

“Same here.” Yalden panted.

“But, if we don’t get going we’ll still die.” Brinovan was just as tired but he knew he couldn’t stop. Not now. If he stopped, then he might never be able to get back up again.

“Come on. Lets go. If you stop. Don’t plan on getting up again.”

They seemed to understand what he meant and they slowly crawled back up. They stumbled on like this for three more days. It felt endless.

The day finally came when Canmar looked up.

“The valley!” He shouted and practically ran to the valley and kissed the ground. Never had he been so happy to see something.


The scouts rode with then quickly back to the valley. The journey was short and they arrived at the valley with a pleasant surprise. The other three were sitting at the mouth of the valley. Exhausted, tired but happy. They almost would have celebrated if it weren’t for the fact the they were all so tired. They camped right outside of the valley and rested well that night. The next day they would set out to ride into the valley. They would reach the village by nightfall. The journey was over. At least the first part of it was.


Days later, Ilin snuck out of his room and ran through the streets until he neared the entrance of the Grand Hall. Today was the evening of the Council. He was going to witness it. He darted through the crowd and hid near the large doors. If they open, then he would be able to dart in.

Ilin was tall like any elf, half-elf or elf related creature. He had soft gray eyes and silver hair that extended past his shoulders. He looked not much older than twenty though his eyes gave away his years. Much older. Much wiser. Not a hothead younging blinded by inexperience. But he was still a child compared to the ones at the Council.

The crowd that formed murmured loudly until an announcer stepped onto the balcony of the great hall.

“The Council will be meeting shortly. We are waiting for the last of the representatives to arrive.”

The crowd ceased to speak and waited silently for the new of the last few representatives. Moments later, the fresh sound of horse hooves echoed through the valley and everyone turned. There five great horses galloped by. Each of the five riders wore long shimmering black cloaks. Four of them were men. The other, hidden from view, seemed to be a girl. Ilin stared at the shadowy figure. What was a girl doing here?

“Welcome! Welcome to the town of Loria on the valley of Luri!” The announcer boomed at the new arrivals. They dismounted and the doors of the Great Hall slowly creaked open. They lead their horses into the hall and the doors began to close behind them.

Ilin continued staring at the girl. If a girl could go to the Council meeting, then why not him? And with that push, he leapt into the hall just before the doors closed. It felt easy. Too easy.


For some reason Niserie was feeling as if someone was staring at her.

Of course silly! There are thousands of people crowded around you, how could there not be someone who is staring at you?

But Niserie still couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. Maybe not for a bad intent, but it still made her feel uncomfortable.

The doors closed behind her with a large slam and she almost jumped in surprise. Two servants walked over to take their riding cloaks. The others shed their off quickly, disliking the heaviness of the cloak, but Niserie shrank back a little when the servant reached out to take it off of her. Her hair was all she could think of. Maybe it was a silly fear, but that one meeting where she caused a huge ruckus just because of the color of her hair was etched deep into her mind. Too deep into her mind.

It was when she was 43, still barely a child. The meeting was called and she arrived. Most younglings could be born with golden hair but everyone lost their by the time they were 12. She was quite a few years overdue and it seemed to be a little too long in the eyes of the others. And so they became paranoid. About what? She had no clue. Why would they get paranoid? What was there to be afraid of? Maybe it was just her inexperience, but of the 500 some years she was alive, there seemed to be no threat because of her hair. It wasn’t like golden hair meant you were the child of the devil. Since when was gold a devilish color? But the harm was done and since then, she was probably more paranoid about her hair than the others were. She didn’t want people to be judging her for the rest of her life and that meant for at least another few thousand years. That would be some tortuous life.

But Fregodolf didn’t react to it abnormally!

She shook her head. Maybe he was just tired that day.

Niserie shook her head at the servant. The others turned to see what was the problem. The Fregodolf stepped out.

The End

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