Betrayal: Peace

Day 9-638 words

“This is pointless.”

Kryptos looked up from where he had waded into the waters, dressed in a simple collared shirt and cotton pants, leather robes on the shore.

“I resent that, my lady. The pearl will show itself, in a matter of time.”

He paused, rolling his sleeves up, and raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t catch your name as of yet.”

As kicked at the cold water, feeling the slime of seaweed in between her bare toes.


Kryptos stared a moment, before resuming the meticulous process of fishing oysters from the water.

“What an...interesting name.”

As scowled at him again, cheeks burning.

“I was named for the poison, arsenic.”

“Oh, I knew that.”

As allowed herself an annoyed glance at the presumptuous man, finding him to be smiling and showing off his perfect teeth. What a prat, honestly.

“Sure.” As murmured, scooping another oyster out of the water, freezing as she noticed Kryptos’ gaze on her. Composure quickly regained, As snapped a “What?” at him, growing pleased as he turned away. Wizards were such a pain at times, not to mention how self-absorbed they became. It was very possible that they were only born that way.

As took the oyster and, slipping a knife between the two shells, shucked it smoothly. Nothing but the pink flesh of a bottom-feeding sea creature greeted her eyes. She sighed and threw it, grabbing another from beside her foot.

“Keep at it!”

As frowned at his chipper encouragement, preoccupied with the dreaded prune-like consistency of her hands.

“That’s easy for you to say, clam.”

The wizard’s green eyes snapped up at her, a disbelieving look on his face.

“What did you say, poison?”

As snickered, setting to work easing the shell off of her newest victim.

“Nothing. Your ears deceive you.”

“Do they?”

The witch heard Kryptos splashing through the water towards her, only looking up when he was within a yard of her.

“They do.”

He laughed, green eyes devilish, and put both hands on As’ shoulders and, while she was still confused, used a leg to trip her backwards into the water. She spluttered madly, sitting up with her hands submerged in the chilly water, perched on the slippery rocks. A dangerous expression flickered through her eyes, being replaced with a familiar blue glow as she muttered words in a foreign language.

Kryptos grew suspicious, but was too late to do anything as the water itself formed arms and pulled him into the sea. The wizard’s shaggy head of hair broke out of the water, soaked, followed by a pair of blazing green eyes. As scrabbled back, laughing, but let out a shriek as he ran at her, quickly hopping to her feet and running herself, as fast as the kelp underfoot permitted her to, a giddy smile plastered on her face.

As was just getting onto the sandy, squishy shore when an unseen force barrelled her over from the back, accompanied by the scents of trees and spice. She rolled over, laughing madly, and wrestled him off, bringing on another round of tussling in the soft sands. A quick sentence on her part created a gust of wind that carried the wizard off a few yards, depositing him softly on the pliable ground.

The witch stood, brushing grains of sand from her face, and walked the two steps it took to reach the wizard, who was matching each of her steps for one of his own. The urge to laugh had dissipated, her silly grin wearing off quickly. She stared at him a moment before, wordlessly, felt him take her in his arms again, eyes closing and the fire to fight extinguished.

Each tender kiss was accepted until, feeling herself melt into Kryptos, As returned them, unrecognized feelings swarming every inch of her being.




The End

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