Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.7

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Brinovan lead the group stubbornly forward even though they were tired and crestfallen. By the end of the day, they were so tired, they collapsed into a pile near a small brook that barely trickled by. They recognized it. It was the large river that usually ran quickly through the forest. What happened to it?

“Water. Drink the water.” Brinovan gasped as he leaned over the edge of the water to gulp down the life bring liquid. It was cool and refreshing but there was so little to pass around. After everyone had finally taken their fill with the water, they settled around on the bank in a small circle.

“What now?” There was silence. The question as been gnawing at everyone’s mind since the start of the journey. Now what?

“I say we follow the river.” Yalden finally spoke up. “We’ll have water that way. And the river suppose to run from the valley. Right?”

“I suppose so. True.” Brinovan looked at Canmar. “Canmar?”

Canmar was silent before he responded again.

“They’re not dead. I can feel it.”

“Come one Canmar, let’s face it. If they don’t get water soon, they’ll die of thirst. If they found this stream, we would have seen them too. It’s hopeless.”

Canmar shook his head.

“They’re still alive. I know they are.”


Niserie fell to the ground exhausted and slept soundly for a long time before she woke up again. She opened her eyes and stared at the world around her in surprise. Everything was so green! Fregodolf was sitting besides her holding a now filled water skin.

“You’re finally awake.” He gave her a small smile.

“What happened here? Did the cloud go away?” Niserie looked around completely confused.

“No silly. Remember yesterday with your hair?”

“My hair?” Niserie quickly felt her head and realized that her hood was off and her hair warmly glowing. She did have some vague recollection of seeing something weird with her hair last night.

“Yeah. Your hair started sucking the dark cloud out and broke it here. But the rest of the plain is still covered.” He stared into the distance. “Well, at least I got the water skin filled. You want some water?”

“Yeah. Definitely.”

He tossed her the water skin and Niserie took a long drink. It tasted sweet and pure.

“Thanks.” She tossed it back.

“I found a berry bush over there. If you’re hungry.”

“Hungry? I’m famish!” Niserie groaned, leaping over to the berry bush and almost stuffed her face with berries. They were absolutely delicious.

“Hey! Don’t eat them all! I haven’t eaten yet!” Fredogolf lept over with a shout.


They set off again after fighting over the berries. The greenery seemed to follow them and wherever Niserie’s head when, grass when. There was a little trail of green behind them, though after they left, the green would slowly fade away once more. It was a shame but they had to keep going. Food and water were plentiful and going was much easier now that there wasn’t the constant heavy pressure of the cloud.

On the third morning, they saw something moving on the horizons.

“Did you see that?”

“See what?” Niserier looked up. Something flickered.

“Someone’s there.”

“Who? Do you think it would be the Luriennfauna?”

“Possibly. Lets go and see.”

Let set out forward at a faster pace and made way closer and closer to the shapes until they could make them out. Niserie was right. They were the Lurriennfauna. They were scouts, as it looked like, and they looked quite tired too. They pushed their pace faster and until finally, the scouts seemed to have spotted then and rode towards them.

“Who comes here?Friend or foe?” A tall scout shouted, still far away.

“We are friends! The lost representatives of the Silienfauna searching for help!” Fregodolf shouted back.

“Come then!” The scout rode over to them. But before he was close enough, Fregodolf quickly pulled up Niserie’s hood. Immediately, the magic vanished and the green wilted around them.

The End

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