Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.6

Day 6 630 words (4549 total)

Niserie fell asleep against the boulder and woke up the next morning with a start. Fregodolf was sitting beside her, staring up at the sky.

“You awake?” He saw her wake up. Niserie nodded.

“Well, we’re kind of in a dilemma here.” He sighed.


“We don’t have food or water and we’re lost on a huge plain. I can’t even see the stars to tell the direction we’re facing.”

Niserie sat there glumly. She agreed and there was nothing really she could do about it. Way to feel even more helpless.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? It wasn’t your fault.” Fregodolf stared at her incredulously. “I saw you dart through those trolls. You were making better ground than we were. Bit farther and you would have broke out of the troll ring.” Fregodolf gave her a small smile. Niserie blushed.


“Now, I think we probably should get going. Or else we might actually die in this endless plain.”

That day they stumbled through the plain, walking heavily. They wandered directionless and sometimes almost walked in circles. That night they stumbled to the ground, tired, hungry and parched. They tore the grass of the ground and chew tastelessly.

“We can’t go one like this.”  Fregodolf shook his head, his voice was hoarse. Niserie nodded. They sat down once more and it became awfully quiet. Niserie closed her eyes. A few moments later, she heard a small gasp and her eyes flew open. Fregodolf was staring at her. More specifically at the strand of hair that stuck out from under her cloak. She gasped and quickly tried to stuff it back in beneath her cloak, but he stopped her.

“No, look.” She stopped and stared at the strand of hair and realized that it seemed to be slowly sucking in all darkness around her. The strand of hair slowly churned the dark air slowly and her hair began glowing softly, misting a light layer of soft light. The air around it seemed to soften and for a moment, their burdens felt slightly lightened.

“I didn’t know I could do this...” Niserie whispered as she stared at her hair. She slowly uncovered the rest of her hair and the air began to glow softly. The air immediately felt so much fresher and a soft sweet breeze blew through the air softly, like a spring long forgotten finally returning. There was a soft sigh from the air and the ground around her feet began to turn green. A single blade of green grass grew out and a large drop of dew rested on the tip of the leave. Fregodolf quickly bent down and caught the drop of water with an empty water skin. He rose again and tilted the water into Niserie’s mouth. It was as if a breath came to her and all tiredness flew from her body. Her hair began to glow even more radiantly and light began to peek through the clouds as if the sun was trying to reach out to her. More grass began to grow around her, all carrying droplets of dew. Fregodolf stared at the ground in amazement. He could almost hear a soft chirp of a bird somewhere in the distance. She was raising the cloud.

Darkness began spiraling in smoky trails towards her hair which sucked it in greedily, changing it into light and shooting it back out. More things began to change back and more grass grew back. the air began to freshen and the light finally broke out of the clouds, shining gloriously on the ground. The plants seemed to stretch out after all the pressure from the cloud and life returned to their part of the plain. But far off, it was still smoggy and the dark cloud still rule the area.

The End

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