Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.5

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But these trolls seemed to also be affected by the cloud and their movements were more sluggish than normal. Of course, none of them actually knew that because they’ve never seen trolls before, but they could tell when a troll was hungry, and so they ran. The trolls went for the horses first, only spitting the weapons out later like people spat out fishbones. Thankfully, they all were armed and the lost of the horses didn’t put them out of fighting condition. The trolls surrounded them in a tight circle, still munching slightly on the now dead horses. Not a single one escaped.

“On the count of three, I say we charge. Hack at their feet. Wreak havoc, but don’t try killing them. We need to escape, not fight them.” Fregodolf whispered to everyone.




They all charged screaming and crying out war cries trying to confuse the trolls. In the confusion, many trolls knocked each other over. The round of elves started forging their way out of the ring of trolls stabbing at feet like there was no tomorrow. And if they didn’t do that, there might really be no tomorrow. Niserie charged with them, but she preferred not to stab troll feet and instead started darting through the chaos that was caused already by the others. She was half was thought when she felt the edge of her cloak catch onto something. She tried to tug it back and realized that it was a troll hand. One of them had gotten hold of her.

Niserie screamed as she tried to break free of the grasp of the troll. There was no weapon in her hand and she couldn’t get her cloak to rip free from the troll’s hand.

“Help!” She gasped, struggling frantically. “Someone help me!”

Fregodolf had been struggling through the chaos when he saw Niserie get picked by the troll.

“You guys go on! I’ll go get her!” He waved the others to go forward. He turned and rolled under a troll, reaching Niserie. He drop under the troll and slashed at it’s stomach. The troll reared back in pain, dropping Niserie and turned to face Fregodolf. He slipped underneath the troll and slammed his sword into the base of it’s spine. The troll groaned as it fell backwards, crashing heavily onto the ground. Fregodolf barely rolled aside in time to dodge the troll. His sword was lost. He crawled up and grabbed Niserie’s hand.

“Run!” He gasped as they charged through the crowd and finally broke free. They kept running until they couldn’t travel any farther. They stumbled and stopped next to a large boulder.

“We’ll stop here.” Fredogolf set her down. “I think we’ve lost them.”


Brinovan stared out in the distance in the direction of the trolls waiting for Fregodolf. Why did he go back to save the girl? The girl was such a burden in the first place. That stupid girl. Brinovan waited with the others for Fregodolf. If he didn’t come back soon, Brinovan would have to be the new leader of the party, with two people short. And their first problem was going to be food.

The trolls eat all of their horses. Not a single one escaped, which was a shame since Brinovan rather liked his horse. But nonetheless, without their horses, travel would be much slower and there was no food. The plain wasn’t like this before. Brinovan had been on the plain once or twice before and he knew how abundant it once had been. You could live easily there for as long as you wanted and not have to worry about food. But now, with the cloud, nothing was in sight. The grass was barely even green anymore. The darkness was eating everything.

“They’re not coming.” He finally concluded gruffly as the commotion settled in the distance. “We better get going.”

“But they still might be there.” Canmer said staring at the distance.

“There’s no hope. It’s been hours. There would have been some sign of them.”

“There has to be. There’s always hope. Right?”

Canmer still stared back at the camp hopefully. While the other two turned to walk away. Out of them all, he was a youngest being only around 230 years old. There was still some youthful hope glowing in his eyes. But they flickered off as he slowly turned away. Maybe there really was no hope that they would come out.

They slept for the rest of the night and traveled quickly on foot the next morning. It would be a hard journey and if they didn’t try, they would die. It was just a fact.

The End

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