Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.4

Day 4 775 words (3143 total)

The next day was not much better and even after a full day of riding, none of them could fall asleep. They felt bare in the open plain and that heaviness in the air depress their spirits. Maybe it was because of the magic of the forest, but back at Silia, the air was definitely not as heavy. It was getting darker there, but not like this. Niserie rolled over and sat up. The riding cloak was still wrapped tightly around her and she felt heavy wearing such a thick thing. It was made for a man but trimmed down to fit her size. It was heavy for her and now, with all this weariness and the stuffy air, she really wanted to throw it off. But she couldn’t. Everyone would see her hair and she might even be abandoned. She didn’t know the route and in a plain like this where nothing seemed to live in anymore, she wouldn’t be able to live for any more than a few days before she was going to die to starvation.

The third day, they finally stopped at midday to rest.

“We need another plan. If we keep on going like this, we’ll all die of tiredness before we even reach the valley.” Fregodolf panted, lying down tiredly. The others all silently agreed and sat on the ground to rest. Hours later after a long nap, they all got up to set out again. The sun was setting and the air was beginning to get heavy again.

They rode on through the night instead this time but stopped finally somewhere around midnight. The pressure was too much. They stumbled off their horses and laid down on the ground. The cloud stifled everything and the burden on their shoulders felt heavier each minute. Niserie leaned against a stone with the others silently, tired and out of breath.

“Are you ok?” Niserie jumped in surprise. Fregodolf was sitting across from her.

“Yeah. I suppose.” She managed to whisper.

“Here. Have some water.” He said, reaching up to one of the horses and grabbed a water skin. Niserie took and drank from it, letting the water drip down her parched throat. The air was too hot. They would have to save some of this water. She swallowed a mouthful and handed it back to him.

“Thanks.” She managed a small smile though it was mostly hidden by the shadow of her hood..

“Sure.” He threw the skin back on the horse and went over to the others to discuss what to do next. Niserie felt slightly left out, but she didn’t have any idea what to do next either. As she waited, she felt the ground tremble slightly. Niserie looked up. There was nothing in the foggy dimness of the cloud. At night nothing seemed visible. Niserie felt another rumble, this time bigger than the last one. She looked over at the others, but they didn’t seem to notice. She couldn’t exactly tell them because she couldn’t see anything either, but it could be dangerous. Moments later, more rumbles echoed through the ground and it finally drew the other’s attentions.

“What is that?” One of them tried yelling over the noise. No one knew. But moments later, a large shadowy mountain seemed to be moving towards them.

“Is that a mountain moving towards us?” Brinovan shouted as he squinted at the shadow. Even with the sharp eyes of an elf, they couldn’t see anything more than a fuzzy outline. Something that looked like a mountain. But moving. Niserie looked up and stared with them. she tried matching moving mountains with anything that she knew about and came up with only one result.

“Trolls!” She gasped.

“Ridiculous! Trolls live in the north!” Brinovan glared at her. “Stop putting false lies in our minds!”

Niserie shut up after that, but she had a strong feeling that she was right.

The rumbling went on for a long time when it suddenly stopped. Everyone paused and looked around in confusion. What just happened? But before they could react, a roar was let out behind them and it was all too late. They were trolls. And they were quite hungry.

Trolls were big idiots. Fools that ate and slept for a living. They had no other purpose in life, except sometimes to be recruited into armies for their strength. Trolls were friendly to everyone except for other trolls and usually only traveled in packs of 2 or 3 unless of course, they were hungry. In which they’ll work together and eat whatever they can find. And hungry trolls were not suggested to be messed with.

The End

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