Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.3

Day 3 624 words. (2368 total)


The Elder lead them to the river and stopped.

“You must look acceptable before you leave. The Lurien are not wanderers. They will wish to see a clean Council, not groups of dirty and haggled wanderers. The boys will wash first. Then the girl must wash. I will give you clothes. Then you will set out.”

The Elder turned and lead her away, waiting for the others to finish washing. Then, he led her back, draping her new clothes on a nearby tree branch and lead the others away, leaving Niserie all by herself. What was she going to do? She hid her hair not really by dying it but more by caking it with mud. If she washed it off, everyone would she her. Plus, she hid her face too with mud. She would be revealed and who knows what would happen to her if she got found out. But there was nothing she could do about it, so Niserie stripped herself and washed. When she finished, she grabbed the clothes that hung from a branch and squeezed into them. Her hair hung wetly down her back and her cheeks were red from scrubbing. She wore a green riding dress and a long shimmering gray cloak was draped over her shoulders. She drew up the hood and walked back over to the others.

The Elder lead them away once again, this time to the stalls. Niserie straggled behind, trying to hide her hair. As least for now, no one noticed just yet how far behind she straggled and how hard she tried to hide her face. Unfortunately, Niserie was starting to regret joining in one this already. She wanted to travel, but not with the immense inconvenience of having to hide what she looked like. Why did she have to hide anyways? It was only golden hair after all. What was the problem with golden hair?

Niserie sighed silently as the Elder started leading horses to them. Each of the horses were equipped with plenty of rations and a few weapons.

“Good luck to you all.” He said with a small smile as they mounted their horses. “Now, race to Luri or you will be late!”

And on that note, the horses raced off.

The horses galloped quickly out of the forest and bursted into the plain. Niserie watched as the landscape flew by her and stared in awe. The vast green land sprinkled with large grand stones that mounted high and loomed over her. But she could feel an unnatural heaviness. Everything felt dark and the cloud in the sky seemed to be thicker than ever. A single bird chirp echoed quietly through the plain and then quieted. The only noise were their horses’ heavy galloping. The silence sent a shiver down Niserie’s spine and she could feel that something was wrong. Something that wasn’t supposed to be here was covering the plain and all life was being driven from it.

The day quickly waned and they stopped by a small overhanging stone and camped underneath the ledge. Wood was scarce and even after finding wood, it refused to light. Nothing worked and even Niserie’s best flint and stone would not get it to flame. It was the air. As night grew, the air became heavier and stuffier to the point where it got really hard to breath. The stars shined feebly through and the moon was almost completely hidden. The world plunged into almost complete darkness. It was too hard to sleep properly and no was able to sleep soundly. The next morning, they got up with relief at the sight of the sun and clambered onto their horses. They rode tiredly, many of them almost falling asleep on their horses.

The End

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