Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.2

Niserie paused near a mud hole to dye her hair quickly. The journey to the middle of the forest would take a day’s walk. She would have to be quick. Her hair was still a little golden at some places but it was good enough for now. What would this horn have been blown for? Niserie darted quickly through the forest. The horn was only ever blow on the most serious occasions. This must be really important. Niserie looked up in the sky. It was dark, covered by a thick smogish fog even at midday. She could see the sun struggle to shine through and she could tell it was losing. Shadows were growing throughout to forest and made to place look much more creepier. But the Siliennfauna had the ability to hide in the shadows, so extended shadows wasn’t too much of a bad thing.

She traveled quickly through the forest, only stopping to rest a little and eat what little rations she carried with her. The day passed quickly and she arrived at the town, or actually more just a huge clearing now, just after nightfall. Siliafara used to be a town, but after years of no use, the town, as small as is was in the first place, fell apart into nothingness. The only thing that was still there was the horn, which was always tended by a line of horn tenders.

Much of the others had already arrived and the clearing was starting to get crowded. A boy scrambled onto the old wooden platform that was next to the and everyone hushed down.

“We, as the Silienfauna, have an urgent subject to raise.” The boy spoke nervously, before he ran off the stage. An Elder walk up onto the stage and calmed the rising buzz once again.

“As you may have noticed, the days seem to be getting darker and the shadows longer. While having shadow is to our advantage, we do not tolerate any shadow that is caused by the Darkness. And therefore, we must gather up and destroy this darkness!”

The crowd roared.

“We will send a group of representative to the Luriennfauna and meet them at a Council Meeting they are hosting tonight. Who is willing to come out?”

There was yet again another roar and four stepped out of the crowd, all which were burly strong men in want of a good fight or young boys still curious about to world. Yet not a single female stood out. The Elder studied them carefully before making his decision.

“Brinovan, Yalden, Fregodolf, and Canmer!” He proclaimed pointing each of them out. “I proclaim you as our representatives at the Council Meeting!”

Everyone cheered as the half-elves walked onto the platform, standing next to the Elder. Niserie stared at them and a deep feeling of adventure started boiling down inside of her. Why all men? Why not have a female tag along? After all these years living in the forest was really starting to grow bland. Live was never ending with surprises. But she wanted something more. Something more exciting. A new experience. Maybe something like what the Elders experienced.

“This will be the end of the meeting! You may disperse. The representatives, please come with me.”

As the crowd started dispersing, Niserie suddenly gathered all her courage. If she didn’t speak up it was be too late.


Everyone stopped and stared at her.

“I’m willing to go too.”

Many of the men practically laughed.

“The Council is no place for a girl.”

“Who said so!” Niserie replied heatedly.

“The Council is a place where men debate over tactics and plans. You wouldn’t be able to follow along.”

“Can you prove that I can’t understand tactics?”

The man opened his mouth but no words came out. The Elder looked up at her. Fregodolf stepped forward.

“Let the girl go.”

There was a gasp and plenty of people would have booed if the Elder hadn’t been there.

“Why?” They all groaned.

“I don’t see why not. It would be nice to have a different perspective at the Council.”

Silence. Fregodolf stood there awkwardly waiting for something to happen. The Elder finally spoke up.

“The girl will go.”

Immediately a buzz rang through the plain.

“Silence!” The Elder glared at the crowd. “Anyone who disagrees will be exiled!”

The crowd immediately silenced itself.

“Disperse and begone” He said with a wave.The representatives followed after him and Niserie walked behind them, fearing that the others would stare at her too long and notice her hair.


“Mother?” A young elfish boy asked.

“Yes, Ilin?” The mother responded, putting down her needle.

“I’m stopping by the Council meeting a few days from now.”

The mother laughed.

“The Council is no place for a boy.”

“Mother!” Ilin retorted heatedly. “I’m not a boy anymore! I’m 308 already!”

“Yes. But you are young compared to the men at the council. They have live thousands of years. Some way back even before the War of the Elders. They’ve experienced many things that you haven’t even heard of yet. The Council would not let a child try to join in.”

Ilin made a face.

“Fine.” He said and ran out of the room. But Ilin left the apartment and ran towards the Great Hall anyways. He was going to this meeting no matter what.


The End

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