Restoration of the Wizards: Chapter 1.1

Day 1: 852 words

Niserie shot the deer down in it’s tracks. She jogged over to check whether it was still alive or not. Dead. Perfect. She dragged to dead carcass to a little camp she set up nearby and started skinning the creature. The poor thing.

Niserie was a Siliennfauna. The Silienfauna were the offspring of tree sprites and shadow elves during the 100 Year War. They lived in Silia, the forest they worked so hard to set free. The Siliennfauna kept their wandering gene from the shadow elves and even after settling down in the forest, wandered throughout it. They only gathered once a year and when the horn called them. Otherwise, they were by themselves, teaching themselves how to survive on their own. Life wasn’t easy. But it was pleasant.

Niserie was different from the others. Most of them had dark hair and the lightest anyone ever had was light brown hair. But her hair was golden. She had noticed her difference a few years ago and almost caused quite a commotion because of it. Only the elven folk and the Luriennfauna had light colored hair. She made sure to dye it brown afterwards, but she still couldn’t hide the fact that she was different.

Niserie was tall and graceful like any other elf. She had sharp bright eyes that glow a soft amber brown blended in with flecks of green that sparkled when she smiled. She had bright golden locks that draped almost down to her waist and her skin was white and pale despite spending most of her time under the sun. She had on a tightly weaved dress made of leaves and resin that glistened in the sun. It was hand made and took her almost a year to make.

As Niserie was getting ready to boil her deer, she heard a small echo that rang through the forest. It rang softly at first and then grew slowly louder and louder. The familiar sound reverberated throughout the forest and resonated sweetly. Niserie listened to it for a while enjoy the sound while she could. When the last of the echos were spent, she hopped up and ran off towards the center of the village, leaving her deer behind. She could get to that later. But right now, more urgent matters were to be resolved. Niserie never left her food behind, a lesson learned the hard way, but this time she broke that rule. Why? Because the horn was just blown.


A group of Luriennfauna were out hunting, their horses ran through the plain swiftly. The sky was dark even at midday and hunting was becoming harder in the dark even with the bright eyes of the elves to their aid. A stag darted back and forth in the grass and ran out of their bow range. There went another one. The hunters stared at the grass, tired and sore. They turned back around and rode back towards the valley silently. Maybe they could have gone on, but their rations were low. No catch this week.

Ever since the dark cloud rolled over the sky, life had become harder for them. The creatures of the plain were slowly disappearing and they had to travel farther and farther out to hunt. Now it was almost impossible to see any living thing across a plain that had once been filled with life. The hunters could feel the darkness rising in their hearts and feared came out each day more and more. Even back in the valley, the tree and plants were withering without the sun shining down brightly every day. If this didn’t end soon, they would plunge into famine and there would be nothing they could do about it.

A few days later, the hunters arrived back at the valley. They were met by the Lurrien king at the valley. He was sitting atop a horse, his eyes were solemn and his face was contorted into an expression of graveness that reflected his expectance of bad news. And there was bad news.

“Your Honor.” The hunters swung off their horse and kneeled in front of King Feodin.

“No catch this week?” Feodin asked grimly.

“We rode almost to Sillia and saw only one stag. We put up a good chase but it got away in the end.”

Feodin sighed.

“You may rise.” He waved them up and they climbed back onto their horses. “You have tried hard enough. I would not push my hunters to do the impossible. I suppose we will have to feed off of the rations this week again.”

He looked around at the hunters, deep in thought before he came to a conclusion.

“Call up the Council!” He declared. “This must not continue! A meeting must be set!”

A large horn was immediately blown and it rang across the plain, reaching the ears of the ones at Silia. Moments later, a matching echo of a horn rang from the forest. The Council had been called.

He turned his horse around and rode back towards the town in the valley. Yes, darkness was rising. Something had to be done.

The End

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