Chapter Two--Everything Changes in the Blink of an Eye

The sound of breaking glass downstairs woke me up the next second. I sat up and glanced over at where Mom and Dad still stood in the doorway, listening carefully for more sound. Several voices floated up the stairways, and a chill ran down my spine. Someone was in the house, and broken into the house. Dad motioned for Mom and I to stay in the room before heading out into the hallway, probably to get his shotgun from his bedroom.

He didn’t know that I knew he had one, but like any curious pre teen I’d searched Mom and Dad’s room one evening when they had gone out. It had scared me that he had a gun in the house, but now that he needed it, I was glad.

I climbed out of bed and started towards Mom just as Dad walked past my door, long gun in hand. He saw me moving towards the door, and stopped. He motioned quietly for me to back up, and after an indignant glare, I walked around the bed to the window. He nodded, a grim expression on his face, then kissed Mom and headed down stairs. Mom glanced over at me, and I could see how scared she was. She quickly turned away from me again, probably not wanting me to see her expression.

The window was partially open, like I had left it that morning before leaving for school. It had been warm out all day, but now that it was well past sundown a chill breeze slipped through the gap. I rubbed my arms, but I couldn’t close the window. The house was old, and the window was noisy and I didn’t want to alert anyone that we were upstairs.

I heard Dad shout a warning downstairs, and a few seconds later the gun went of, the loud sound causing me to flinch. Then Dad started screaming, a horrible sound that turned my blood to ice. Mom quickly shut the bedroom door and leaned against is, as if to keep whomever was attacking our home out. Then she turned to me and motioned for me to open the window all the way.

I knew what she was thinking, but I didn’t think it was a very good idea. We were on the second floor, and jumping down would probably hurt a lot. But Mom looked insistent, so I turned and put my hands under the window. I hesitated for a moment, knowing it would make a very loud sound.

“Katherine,” Mom whispered urgently. I nodded, and heaved the window up. It was heavy, and it squealed loudly as the wood around the window rubbed against the wooden frame. After I got it up as high as it would go, there was a shout from down stairs, and footsteps started pounding up the staircase. I quickly kicked out the screen, and turned to Mom.

“Go, Katey,” she said, louder this time since there was no need to hide out existence, while she leaned heavily against the door. There was a loud thump, and Mom grunted, but the door help. I stuck on leg out the window just as someone very strong kicked the door in, sending Mom stumbling back into one of the posts of my bed.

Before I could get any further, two men stormed into the room and grabbed Mom by her arms. They were both taller and much stronger than her, and there was blood splashed across the front of one man’s shirt. Probably Dad’s, I thought, horrified.

“Run Katherine!” Mom shouted before both men bent over her neck. Their head’s obscured what they were doing, but Mom started screaming and as I watched she grew deathly pale. Before I could finish watching Mom die, I jumped out of the window towards freedom.

I rolled as I landed—luckily in soft grass—and while my leg muscles instantly became sore, I clambered to my feet and began running away from the house as quickly as I could. Tears pricked at my eyes as I ran, and I forced them back. Now was not the time to become a blubbering mess, now was the time to escape the maniacs who’d murdered my parents. I would cry when I was safe again.

The End

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