Act VI- The Quest (Part II)

Setting: Stormclan's camp, a clearing hidden by ferns and brambles. The entrance is a tunnel made out of bramble bushes. Inside the large clearing, there are dens made out of moss woven into bracken and brambles.

Placed at sunhigh, two days after Act V. 

Characters in Scene- 

Pebbleheart- A small, silver she-cat with river blue eyes and gray/white speckles. 

Stonestar- A massive dark gray tabby tom with sea blue eyes. Has a white chest/muzzle and a scar on the side of his face.

Lightningstrike (Strikey)- A golden tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws. Has orange eyes. 

Blazefrost (Blazey)- A fiery ginger tabby tom. His left front paw is white and his eyes are ice blue. His right ear is half shredded.

Eagleclaw- A tan tabby tom with dark brown stripes and golden eyes. He has a scar on his shoulder from an eagle attack when he was a kit.

Seawhisper- A tan she-cat with dark brown paws/muzzle. Her eyes are turquoise, like the sea. 

Snowheart- A medium sized, long haired white she-cat with gray paws and blue eyes.

Autumnleaf- A small, calico she-cat with long fur and white paws. Her eyes are amber. 

Honeypelt- A small, pale ginger she-cat with orange-yellow eyes. 

Act IV-

Three warriors stood together in the middle of the clearing, arguing in hushed voices. Around them, the rest of their clan carried on with their day without pausing to watch their fight. 

"I want to lead the quest!" Lightningstrike snapped, his fur and tail bushed up. "I'm the most attractive of us! And the smartest!"

"I think we should settle this a different way," Eagleclaw suggested, purring quietly. "We should see which one of us can find a new lady friend first. Whoever finds one the quickest gets to lead the quest." 

Lightningstrike exchanged a look with Blazefrost and they both nodded in agreement. 

"It's a deal," Blazefrost said, sticking out his fire-colored paw for a paw-shake. He shook first with Lightningstrike, and then with Eagleclaw.

The three toms raced off, heading in different directions. Blazefrost and Eagleclaw darted towards the warrior's den, shoving each other and cursing under their breaths as they tried to push through the entrance at the same time. Lightningstrike, however, padded confidently to the nursery and calmly walked inside. 


(Blazefrost's POV)

He ran straight to the warrior's den after shaking paws with his brothers. Eagleclaw followed him and the two toms shoved each other, cursing one another under their breaths. Blazefrost made it through the entrance of the den first and immediately caught sight of two she-cats sitting alone in the corner.

"Hey, Blazey!" Wildheart called. He was sitting in his nest, which was made of a pile of two-leg blankets instead of moss. "What'cha' doing, bud?" 

Blazefrost ignored him and padded quickly over to the she-cats. When he saw that they were Seawhisper and Snowheart, both extremely mating-craved, he almost decided to back out. Then he shook his head and called out, "Did it hurt when you two fell out of Starclan?"

The two she-cats exchanged looks and then purred. "Only slightly," the white one, Snowheart, replied as she got up and touched noses with him. "Aren't you a handsome fellow..."


(Eagleclaw's POV)

He finally made it through the entrance of the warrior's den, after a lot of pushing and shoving with Blazefrost. Swallowing hard, he realized that the only she-cats in the den were the ones that Blazefrost was speaking to. Other than them, Wildheart was the only other cat in the den. 

"I'm so going to lose," he mumbled to himself. He turned to leave and bumped right into his old she-cat friend, Autumnleaf. 

"Hello, Eagleclaw," she purred, and a spark of hope lit up in his mind.


(Lightningstrike's POV)

Inside the nursery, Lightningstrike wrinkled his nose. The air was humid and stuffy, smelling of soiled nests and milk. He ignored it and looked around. All of the she-cats were either nursing or their stomachs were large with kits, except...

His eyes lit up and he padded over to Honeypelt. She was crouching beside one of the queen's kits, purring and sweet-talking to them. He stood next to her for a few heartbeats, but she didn't seem to notice.

He cleared his throat and said, "Want to be my new mate?"

Honeypelt's ears shot up immediately and she looked over at him. "You're giving me a chance to make Stonestar jealous?" He nodded and she squealed. "Of course!"


The three toms raced out of the dens with the she-cats they'd picked up. They all slid to a halt in the middle of the clearing at the same time. Looking around at each other, their excited looks changed to ones of dismay.

"Well, that didn't work," Eagleclaw said. 

"We'll just have to vote on who's most attractive and whoever wins leads the quest," Lightningstrike suggested. He winked at the she-cats and said, "I'll rock all of your worlds if you vote for me, ladies."

"What the bloody dark forest are you three doing?" Stonestar called from the top of the tumble of rocks that led to his den. He bounded down them in two strides and padded over to them. 

"We um," Blazefrost tried to come up with excuse, but failed to when Snowheart rubbed her head against his shoulder and licked his ear seductively. 

Pebbleheart followed the clan leader down the rocks a little more slowly. As she came to a halt at his side, he bent his head and asked her, "Are you absolutely sure that these idiots are supposed to go on the quest?"

The End

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