Act V- The Quest (Part I)

Setting: Stonestar's den. It's a small cave with a tiny, hidden entrance. You get there by climbing a pile of rocks in Stormclan's camp clearing. In the cave, there is a pile of two-leg things Stonestar has taken away from his warriors and a moss covered nest in the back.

Characters in scene- 

Pebbleheart- A small, silver she-cat with river blue eyes and gray/white speckles. 

Stonestar- A massive dark gray tabby tom with sea blue eyes. Has a white chest/muzzle and a scar on the side of his face.

Lightningstrike (Strikey)- A golden tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws. Has orange eyes. 

Blazefrost (Blazey)- A fiery ginger tabby tom. His left front paw is white and his eyes are ice blue. His right ear is half shredded.

Eagleclaw- A tan tabby tom with dark brown stripes and golden eyes. He has a scar on his shoulder from an eagle attack when he was a kit.

Act V-

Lightningstrike was just setting down to eat his lunch, a large, juicy looking steak, when Blazefrost trotted over. 

"Stonestar wants to see us in his den," his clanmate panted. He looked like he'd run to Dewclan's camp and back. "Gotta find Eagleclaw now."

With a heavy sigh, he got up. He grabbed his steak, unwilling to let it sit out where any cat could take it, and hurried to the leader's den.


When he padded into Stonestar's cave, he was surprised to see that Stonestar and Blazefrost weren't alone. He had Pebbleheart, the medicine cat and Stonestar's sister, and Eagleclaw with him.

He put his steak on the ground and sat down. "You wanted to see my attractive face?" He asked as he ate. 

Stonestar gave him a murderous look. "What are you eating?"

"Steak," he mumbled, his mouth full. "Is that what you wanted me for?"

"No!" Pebbleheart and Stonestar meowed in unison. "We wanted you here for a quest."

"Could I have a bite of that?" Eagleclaw asked hopefully, curiously padding forward and giving his food a sniff.

"It's mine!" Lightningstrike screeched, stuffing the remains of it into his mouth. "You can't have it."

"Are you sure he's meant to go?" Stonestar muttered to his sister under his breath.

"Unfortunately, yes," Pebbleheart sighed.

"I'm your best warrior! Of course you want me on your quest," Lightningstrike purred, licking his whiskers.

"Sure," Stonestar said sarcastically. "You keep on believing that."

The End

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