Act III- Hey Ladies

Setting: Stormclan's camp near the fresh kill pile. The warriors den, a bramble bush with moss woven in it, is sitting only tail lengths away. The clearing is busy with cats from the clan of all ages.

Characters in scene- 

Wildheart- An undersized brown tom with red eyes and a white chest.

Lightningstrike (Strikey)- A golden tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws. Has orange eyes.

Iceclaw- A lithe silver she-cat with dark gray speckles and white paws. Pale, cruel looking blue eyes. 

Nightwhisper- A black she-cat with white patches of fur. Has leaf green eyes.

Riversplash- A blue-gray she-cat with white paws/tail tip/muzzle. Has river blue eyes and a long scar along her shoulder. 

Act III-

As Wildheart and Lightningstrike padded out of the warriors den, the warm feeling of sunhigh met them. Their eyes were bleary, as if they'd just woken up.

"So, Strikey," Wildheart said as he shook clumps of moss out of his brown fur. "What're we gonna do today?"

Lightningstrike cracked a grin at his friend. "How about picking up some ladies?"

The two cats paw-bumped each other before hurrying away to clean up.


When the two toms met again, their fur was shining and debris-free. Lightningstrike was wearing a bow-tie and Wildheart still had his party hat on.

"Ready?" Lightningstrike asked, sizing up the she-cats. He waved his tail toward two queens sitting in the shade of the nursery. 

"You bet." Wildheart purred. 


"Hey ladies," Lightningstrike meowed as he trotted up to the two she-cats he had pointed out. "Wassup?"

The two queens glanced at each other before letting out a meow of amusement. 

"We have mates, mousebrains," the one on the right, a black and white she-cat, told him. 

"And as far as I knew, so did you, Lightningstrike," a she-cat meowed from behind them.

Lightningstrike gulped and turned to meet his mate, Iceclaw. Her eyes glinted with dangerous fury. 

"Sorry, bro. No ladies for you today," Wildheart said. "Not true for me, though."

He glanced over his shoulder to see what he meant, only to find that Wildheart was walking away with the second she-cat.

The End

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