Act II- Patrols Gone Wrong

Setting: A Dewclan hunting patrol near the border, which is a river. Bushes and small caves line the river. Tall grass stands on their side of the border and pine trees line the other side.

Characters in scene-

Iceclaw- A lithe silver she-cat with dark gray speckles and white paws. Pale, cruel looking blue eyes. 

Hawkheart- A large, long-furred white tom with green eyes. 

Honeypelt- A small, pale ginger she-cat with orange-yellow eyes. 

Seawhisper- A tan she-cat with dark brown paws/muzzle. Her eyes are turquoise, like the sea. 

Snowheart- A medium sized, long haired white she-cat with gray paws and blue eyes.

Act II-

Iceclaw led her hunting patrol down the bank of a river, making sure they were at least a tail-length away from the water. The last thing she needed was herself or one of her clanmates getting thrown downriver by the current. 

Behind her, Seawhisper and Honeypelt were bickering yet again about toms.

"I saw him first!" Honeypelt wailed, batting Seawhisper over the head with her paw.

"No, I did!" Seawhisper screeched, her pelt bristling with outrage. "He's handsome and he's mine!"

"Who in the name of Starclan are you arguing about this time?" Iceclaw snapped at them, giving them an icey glare. Her claws flexed, ripping up the ground beneath her. "You're scaring away all the-- Where are Snowheart and Hawkheart?"


It took five minutes for Iceclaw to find her missing clanmates. It probably would've taken less time if Seawhisper and Honeypelt weren't still hissing at each other over the tom.

She had been pacing along the bank of the river near a bush when she heard them. There was a rustling behind the bush and a lot of purring.

"Hawkheart?" She asked, pushing the tendrils of the bush aside to look through them. "Snowheart?"

The two cats were standing behind the bush. Snowheart was flat against the ground, revealing her stomach. Hawkheart was standing next to her, his fur spiked up in random places. 

"Erm," Hawkheart looked around, trying to find an excuse for this. "We um, we saw a rabbit and... and then Snowheart slipped."

"Sure she did," Iceclaw grumbled. "Let's go."

The End

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