Act I- The Party

A warriors multi-character, multi-person roleplay. Based on the warriors series, though a lot of things have been changed.
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Setting: A large clearing in the middle of a forest, hidden by ferns and brambles. There's a tunnel made out of brambles leading into the clearing. Inside the clearing there are dens made out of moss woven into bracken and brambles. This clearing is considered Stormclan's camp.

Characters in scene-

Lightningstrike (Strikey)- A golden tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws. Has orange eyes. 

Blazefrost (Blazey)- A fiery ginger tabby tom. His left front paw is white and his eyes are ice blue. His right ear is half shredded.

Stonestar- A massive dark gray tabby tom with sea blue eyes. Has a white chest/muzzle and a scar on the side of his face.

Wildheart- An undersized brown tom with red eyes and a white chest. 

Act I-

Lightningstrike darted into camp, his golden fur dragging at the bramble tunnel that lead inside. 

"Blazey!" He wailed, sliding to a halt in the middle of the clearing. A few of his clanmates lifted their heads up to look at him. 

His best friend padded out of the warriors den with a party hat on his ginger furred head. He purred pleasantly as he sat in front of Lightningstrike. "We're having a party. Wanna join?"

"Party!" Lightningstrike exclaimed, diving into the warriors den to join the fun. 


Inside the den, techno was blasting from a speaker set up in the corner. A disco ball hung from the ceiling and there was a pile of fresh kill near the entrance. Blazefrost went and met up with a small brown cat wearing a rainbow clown wig; Wildheart.

A red polka-dotted party hat hit Lightningstrike in the chest and dropped to his paws. His amber eyes lit up with delight as he put it on and began to dance with his three clanmates.

"This party is freaking awesome!" Lightningstrike yelled over the music.

"You bet it is!" Wildheart screamed in response. 

Suddenly, the music stopped and the disco ball turned off. "What in the name of Starclan is going on in here?" 

Their clan leader, Stonestar, was standing with the remote control in his paws. His blue eyes glinted with disapproval.

"Party?" Wildheart offered, trying to hand him a party hat.

The End

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