Enter Sad-Woman (Supposed)Mature

Okay so DJ and I are still an item and Alex is of on a cruise! It’s been ages since I’ve met, seen or spoken to her. I feel so weird now staying away from her.


Okay so I will tell her when she comes back ­and yeah tell DJ that I kind of want Alex back and I wouldn’t want to date him any longer. Till then I will get real good action from him (he is really good by the way).


So yeah she should be back any day now, almost been a month, waited too long for her, need her back ASAP, getting bored of him, need a real kiss now; it has been too long, so yeah uh-huh I’m just waiting for her to get back…



Okay so now I’m going to surprise her by moving in with her again. So when she comes back I will be waiting with a nice candlelit meal (her flight arrives in the evening) with a bottle of port wine (she likes port better) and a nice huge ass bowl of Caesar Salad with roast chicken bits and garlic bread with melted cheese and lamb chops with mint sauce. She loves this combo… I make this for her on her birthday usually cause she thinks I make the best (and I hate cooking), so yeah I’m now going shopping with Jess for all these ingredients.



So yeah I have gotten everything ready just need to hear the ‘vroom’ of the taxi and that’s about it, I start lighting all the candles.


And yeah if I dint mention before I still have the keys to the apartment; which overlooks the beach and is in a complex which is connected to the beach so after greeting her with a kiss, we carry on to the beach where we first kissed and eat dinner by the time the tide changes and then kiss where we first did.


Omg, I’m getting so like the movies… (Scream)(Double scream)(Triple scream)


But it’s still not a bad idea right?


So it’s about time she got now… just got to control my excitement from meeting her (and the really nice music playing in the background), just waiting to hold her in my arms again. Yep, that’s all I’m waiting for now…



So yeah, that’s the taxi, that’s my cue. I burnt my hand like thrice, but its okay, I can bear the burns (hey that sounds kind of cool, bear the burns).


Okay so now she will open the door in 3…2…1 “Surprise”.


Not a very nice one though. She got another partner. I kind of embarrassed her and myself (not kind of, I’m just saying that to make myself feel better) 


So she was my flame once upon a time doesn’t mean you get her to get me jealous. She is making the same mistake I made. I ask her ‘friend’ if she could excuse us for a moment. She just shrugged. I don’t really care even if she said no I would have still pulled Alex with me towards the beach. 

The End

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