The InsanityMature

So, I finally met DJ at the café. As soon as I entered, he asked the waiter to get me a new chocolate swirled latte (he had already called for one but then I got late and the coffee got cold). I usually drink black coffee but then this place has amazing chocolate swirled lattes.


I announced that I was very sorry for arriving late and I solemnly pledged (forcefully) that I will always be on time.


I told him about my day and he had a very bemused look on his face. I straight-forwardly asked him “what was the matter?” All he said was “I don’t think you need to know this right now. So just let it be shut. Anyway off the point what were you saying”?


OKAY! Fine I admit it I do kind of have feelings (sweet) for him but the thing is can’t go out with him ever right? I have the love of my life to make jealous right? God! I hate everything related to love, like, hate, jealousy, anger, pain, sadness and most of all relationships… 


I called him up and told him what I felt towards him. He told that was what he wanted to tell me in the café (that he liked me not himself). So I asked whether we were really dating and he said “Yay, finally no more lying!”


So now I have a boyfriend… feels really weird now because it’s been ages since I’ve dated a guy. Before Alex I did date few people (I’m saying people because it aint just one sex, so I’m not actually lesbian, I’m more on the bisexual side) but nothing was that serious as Alex. Yeah, Alex is always going to be number 1 on my list but that soon can change because I do like DJ.


So now I really am dating DJ. Great! Now is the time to call up Jess and let her know about things which she doesn’t seem to somehow know.


So she comes over with a few beers and cigarettes. We had made this pact in the 9th grade that we will always ‘talk’ with beer and cigarettes, so yeah she came over with a few beers and a pack of Benson & Hedges Lights.


She enters and screams at me because she thought (again) that I had become anorexic. See she is all nice to have as a best friend but she sometimes gets too protective over me and kind of gets on my nerves like right about now.


I scream right back at her saying “I aint no anorexic bitch, you whore face.”(We sort of came up with names for each other, she is whore face and I am bitch butt). And then we start smiling and hug each other like we usually do.


We cheered, drank and smoked before I could open my mouth about everything.


For some odd reason I cried. I still don’t know why but yeah I did. I just needed that cry, I guess.


I told my story top to bottom, inside to out and round and round and after I finished all she said was “you need to write a book on all this”.


I told I already kind of was. She seemed proud. Very weird girl, I tell you.


She told me I was kind of right in doing what I did but I kind of overdid it. I asked her “how did I overdo it?” She said that the engagement part.


Okay! Fine, fine! I agree. She is kind of right about the engagement part. I should not have done that. But then again, I am Judith Cooper, Caitlin Cooper’s daughter. She doesn’t know anything and that specialty has kind of been passed onto me. I don’t know a shit either!


She said “you have to choose between DJ and Alex. And whoever it is not go apologize and then go tell the one you chose that you are sorry for playing with her feel… oops sorry, sorry for playing with their feelings.”


The thing I hate about Jess… that she knows me a tad bit too well. It is so weird that she knows every single move I will make. I know she knows that I surely will choose Alex but come on don’t it make that obvious. 

The End

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