Therapist Is Spelt As The-RapistMature

   Just because I am not on talking terms with my mom (I don’t blame me), doesn’t mean I have to see this therapist for a year. Like, can you imagine what the frigging hell I’m going through? I guess not cause you don’t have a deranged mother or an ex girlfriend who thinks you are engaged and has tried to make you jealous with a ‘guy’ when she usually tries to make me jealous with a girl and worst part is that I am getting jealous too…


I got an appointment with ‘the rapist’ at 1600 hours and guess what? Alex will be there too; she has recently started drinking too much, hmm… DJ told me and Luke told him. I don’t know much in detail but I soon will when I get there.




So now I am here. I still don’t see her. This is insane. I need to see her and ask her what the bloody hell is wrong with her. I thought she had brains unlike me. I guess I was wrong.


Okay so I have no more time left to wait for her. She is always on time. How come ‘today’ she came late. I thought this would be important to her. I thought she wanted me back. I can’t believe that she’s late. There’s more to this, I just know it.


Okay, now I’m in the corridor between the waiting room and ‘the rapist’s’ office. I don’t want to go. I hate him and my mom and my life. A year of this stupid place is not ‘in’.




As soon as I enter, guess who I see? Alex. Amazing, right? Only bad thing was that she had a broken hand, few bruises and a beer in her hand. I sort of guessed what happened to her; drinking (too much) & driving. It’s really horrible these days; the way people get drunk and drive.


I said “hey! What the bloody hell are you doing with the beer and where the fuck is Doc?” She replied after a long swig of beer “Oh, the doc? Well he stepped out for a while he wanted us to talk. And I guess now we are. And what do you think I’ll be doing with a beer?” she stands up now “Judith, come on, stop playing games I know you want me and you know I want you so please just forget about everything.” I just stand up and smell her breath and while I’m doing that she leans in for a kiss, I curtly say “I am engaged and you are drunk. Let me drop you home. You are in no condition to drive but before you get home I’m going to sober you down a bit. You seriously need to sober down. I don’t want that accident to happen again”; As soon as I said that, she came and held me tight like a little child to her mom who has come back home after a year. I held her tightly back. It felt good.


I asked her “what’s the matter?” Alex replied in a timid voice “the accident, it hurts thinking about it. Please don’t mention the accident in front of me.” I sweetly said “it’s okay. Nothing is going to happen now. I am dropping you home right? So come on chuck the beer and get your things. We really are wasting the other patient’s time.” I slip out of her arms and say to myself “She needs me and I want her. My pact with DJ might just turn out to be useless.


No it wouldn’t. I going to make her feel the same I felt when she ‘wanted to take some time off’.


I take us for ice creams on the beach. I wanted to call for her usual, Bailey’s Irish Creamed but then alcohol, even in little amounts can do her harm (yeah our favorite ice cream guy uses real alcohol; at one point I thought he was awesome), so instead I call for two cones of chocolate mousse royale instead. I hand one to her and she says “isn’t this your favorite flavor ever? I know it is. First valentine’s day I remember we had ice cream on the beach just before the tide changed.”  For a drunken person, she talks pretty decent. I thought I was going to grab her lips and kiss her. Nobody can imagine how hard self-control is.


We continued talking about usual things and we didn’t even realize what the time was. I was supposed to meet DJ in 10 minutes. When I got up to leave, she pulled me down again and whispered softly in my ear “I love you” after she said that she gave me a peck on my lips. Our lips parted but before we could go any further I decided to pull back and let her know I am engaged.


As soon as she got into the car, she decided that I should be on time to meet DJ and let her go on walking alone. I felt sorry and said “hey listen it’s perfectly alright, I promised I’d drop and you know how I live up to my promises, right? And DJ can entertain himself for 20 minutes, right?”


So, we sat quietly throughout the ride from the beach to her place. When she was leaving I gave her a tight hug and gave her peck close to her lips (I felt really sorry for her okay). She sighed then smiled and went inside. 

The End

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